Evisu’s New Heritage Denim Line – Spring ’09

For the jean connoisseurs out there, the famed Japanese denim company Evisu has some new selvage availble for to salivate over. The brand’s new Spring ’09 line has at its heart, five new denims. No. 1 hails from Osaka and is characterized by its slightly “hairy” surface and skewed legs. No. 2 is similar to No. 1 but was not put through the laborious process of shrinking and stretching the fabric. No. 3 is the tried and blue original Evisu denim known for its unbleached “mother cotton.” You’ll know the No. 3 when you see it because of its “rising” sun red and white selvage. No. 4 has a smoother and flatter surface than the average ring-spun denim and is derived from open-end yarn denim weave. No. 13 reenacts the production process used by Lee jeans way back in 1910 and onwards. You can pick it out of the lineup because it’s the one with twill lines that run from top-left to bottom-right — which is the opposite of what you’ll find in most denim. And if minute details like that escape you, you’ll know it’s No. 13 because of the leather patch sewn on the waistband. For even more painstaking detail, visit www.evisu.com.

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