Eriberto Oriol x Altamont: Cut From a Different Cloth


Check out the latest installments to the Altamont Cut From a Different Cloth video series featuring legendary street photographer Erberto Oriol, filmed and directed by his son, Estevanyou might have heard of him.

Every season, Altamont brings together a diverse group of what they lovingly call “creative outcasts” – skateboarders, musicians, artists and designers bent on pushing the envelope of innovation. Otherwise known as folks who make a living doing what they love most, they are, like Altamont, cut from a different cloth. Frequently inviting their direct contributions to the Altamont collection, the goal is to inspire you to pursue whatever it is that you love, and perhaps take it upon yourself to put a pen to paper, paint to a wall, shred a backyard pool, start a band… whatever. Making your own contribution is what it’s all about.

For the Fall/Winter ’09 drop, Altamont invited Eriberto Oriol to collaborate on a set of tees that had been met with a stunning response – to a degree that they sold out damn near a week after we put them on the site (… but you might be able to find a few here. Shhh…). Check out the video below and go behind the scenes with Eriberto and Altamont to see the making of the tees and hear the inspiration behind each in the man’s own words.


Part I


Part II

“Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

- Confucius


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