Edina Tokodi: Green Graffiti

Edina Tokodi: Green Graffiti

Tired of getting yoked up and harassed by the jakes and the earth people for using spray paint? Well switch up ya’ style and use grass to get the job done. Edina is on her job, what about you?? You can peep the work over in the art enclave of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Info.Image: Wooster

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  1. We’re working on a green campaign for our client, SEPTA (South Eastern Public Transportation Association) who will be launching hybrid buses in the upcoming year. While doing research we discovered Edina’s moss art and quickly became inspired. We are interested in contacting the artist and collaborating with her to find out more of her technique so that we can possibly replicate the moss art around our region in forms as they relate to SEPTA. (The campaign is not yet approved and is one of three being presented.)

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