All Day I Dream About…


… Sneakers.

The latest from bitchin’ Bavarian footwear brand adidas just arrived here at Karmaloop, featuring a couple new joints and some updates to modern classics that have us stupid geeked.



A longtime favorite of The Blogs, rude boys, skateboarders, hardcore bands and hip hop stars alike, adidas’ Gazelle and Samba joints define “classic” and we’re stoked on the red and gray colorways for the low-profile versions (alternatively, peep the more traditional navy blue Gazelle at The ‘Loop). Where the Gazelles feature that butter-soft suede construction that made ‘em famous in the first place, and we’re loving the shorter tongue and move from grain leather to suede for the Sambas… that mid-’80’s/early-’90’s indoor soccer look was getting hella dated.



Trainers have been a staple in every adidas line since it’s inception and this winter has marked the return of 1980’s legends the Samoa and the the ZXZ 123. While the Samoa pair presents the same retro aesthetic and build as featured during it’s reign in the 1980’s, The ZXZ 123 looks a far cry from it’s distant cousin – and the fit, feel and functionality could not be more different. Featuring bio-mechanically correct construction with all of adidas’ latest sneaker technology, this high mileage trail and road running shoe is just as well prepping for next weekend’s 5K or running through the club looking for trim before last call.



Ahhh… sweet mids, how we love thee. Not sure what it is, exactly, but the brown and florescent green colorways on the Greeley Mid is absolutely slaying us. The Classic Vulc II is just that – classic – and we’re glad to have lil’ buddy back with us. Like the bastard son of adidas’ Ciero and a pair of Vans Sk8 Hi models, The Classic Vulc joints are super skateable, tough as two-day old cafeteria steak and have that wonderful retro-without-being-dated look… be sure to check them in the chalk colorway, too.

This is just a sample of the huge adidas drop – click the banner below to get a closer look at the rest.



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