Craig ‘KR’ Costello At Stilwerk Hamburg, Germany

Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes look at Craig ‘KR’ Costello’s recent painting stint the 6th floor lounge of stilwerk in Hamburg, Germany. The historic building was formerly a hops factory but has been extensively renovated and now acts a gallery. For those who were wondering how Costello achieved his trademark KRINK drip technique, your questions will be answered here…


  1. This guys is laughing all the way to the bank.
    I think it’s hilarious this moody electro is paired with KR making drips. Like it’s some real meaningful shit. I love the way it focuses in on his “technique” hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA…
    What the fuck?

    KR is a fucking vandal who makes a good ink, and who has commercialized tools of the trade. seriously… go get a commercial plant sprayer. fill it with whatever thinned paint/ink/fuel you like.

    stand back and enjoy/photo/ignite.

    Crime pays bitches.

    What a big fuck you to all the companies and blogs and art fags who analyze and hype this shit. you guys are toys.

  2. I guess we all have varying opinions on the matter. You Sir, are entitled to yours and we appreciate that you care strongly enough to share them with us and our readers…

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