Core77 Limited Edition ‘Dutch Master’ Bike


In honor of New York bike culture, Core77 announced their new limited edition bike, the ‘Dutch Master.’ The bike is hand-made by KT Higgins, an ex-bike messenger from Brooklyn who now owns the Bushwick Bike Shop. Each part of the bike has a special presence: for instance, the frame is a customized version of the Worksman cruiser frame, built in Brooklyn for the past 110 years and used in many delivery bikes for its practicality. It also features a Brooks saddle and Dapper Dan grips, and the spokes and brakes come from local manufacturers. Aside from being really easy on the eyes and probably a joy to ride, it involves the entire community to create something unique and special. To celebrate the release of the 25 bikes, there will be a ‘Meet the Designers’ evening at the Apple Store SoHo New York on July 11th.

Info.Image: Core77.

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