Color Of Life Photography by Andre’ Wright Jr.

Photographer Andre’ Wright Jr. presents his book called ‘Color Of Life’, which includes a huge and absoloutly awesome collection of Polaroids he shot over the past few years. The collection includes images of Wale, Jeremih, Common, Mel D. Cole, Flavor Flav and even Paris Hilton.

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

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  1. I did not know that u did photography too. This is ur work, rite? Congats on the article and photos.


  2. Moritz Schuermann says:

    Hey Kisha,
    thank you! But it is not our work. The artist is Andre’ Wright Jr. You will find a link to his homepage in the article.

  3. Wow. I was looking for an author of a book titled Heading South. A black man’s finger was on the cover. I believe he was a black man too. The candian book awards have been in the process of selecting the best books in Canada. So when I googled the title heading south. The ninth entry had you and I love photographs being a fashion photographer myself. AHHH! Your web site was short and pack with impack. Gave me some ideals but with out pretty women or classic food shots. People don’t look to long. Thanks TJ

  4. My question is, what type of camera and what type of film did he use, considering the fact that all of these shots are FAKE POLAROIDS.
    It’s a shame, please don’t be fooled by some iphone application.

  5. The artist is actually completely candid about the fact that he uses an iPhone for with software on it. He’s not trying to fool anyone as far as we can tell.

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