CLOT x Madsaki x Kazuki x Kaws “Alienegra” Parka

The saying “too many cooks will spoil the broth” is a big lie when you’re talking about master chefs of visual design. CLOT‘s iconic “Alienegra” thorn print was originally designed by Japanese painter Madsaki, and is a much sought-after icon of the CLOT brand. For CLOT’s latest exercise in classy camouflage, designer Kazuki Kuraishi and pop artist KAWS were also invited to contribute something special to the sacred print, and the result is this most excellent parka. Kuraishi is responsible for the “scheme application,” and KAWS’ trademark crosses are dotted across it in reflective paint, making for a result that sorta looks camo, except that it helps you stand out.

Available from Juice stores on the 18th of March. Via FreshnessMag.




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