Ciroc Entertainment Presents – “Angels” Feat. Diddy / Dirty Money

Ciroc Entertainment Presents – “Angels” Feat. Diddy / Dirty Money with sample clips from the late Biggie Smalls. The video, shot in High Definition black-and-white, is directed by Hype Williams – feel it!!


  1. i like, its growing on me…first time hearing the song as well…dont see what all the fuss is about. I thought it was gonna be really bad!

  2. Has Puffy oficially lost his mind? Giving his t-pain moment a boost with 2 Biggie verses on it? 1. Let Biggie rest in peace, stop cashing in on the dude, you done enough 2. Didnt you hear Jay say that this auto-tune shit has to stop? You in the game long enough to know what real hip hop is 3. Nice vid and all that, but no Hype can save you from these crimes! Be a leader and help to bring hip hop back!

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