Chuck Taylor Customs: The Joker

Chuck Taylor Customs: The Joker

The Dark Knight is being called “The Godfather” of comicbook themed movies.  Though I myself have not seen it, there is much mystique floating around the film, mainly due to the late Heath Ledger’s character, The Joker.  The designers at Sweatshop Clothing have created this customized pair of “joker” Chuck Taylors.  On the outer part of the ankle area (not seen here) is a frightingly good representation of the Jokers face with the phrase “why so serious”.  Various other card related symbols finish off th shoe in good fashion. 

Info.Image:  My Air Shoes


  1. wow these r a pretty tight rep of the joker but i hope dey dont go ova board with all the heath ledger hype…not very respectful

  2. i LOVE these sneakers!! where can i get a pair!!?? these are most def on the top of my christmas list!! how much are they!??

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