Christopher Bevans + BlakRoc

Ok folks, if you haven’t gone out and bought the new BlakRoc album…. do so soon now. Quickly. Hands down one of the best collaborations of the year.

For those of you not in the circle of trust (Meet the Parents, anyone?)

BlakRoc = The Black Keys + Damon Dash + a fiery line-up artists, including but not limited to; Mos Def, Jim Jones, RZA, Nicole Wray…

+side note: Here’s the varsity jackets I made that were exclusively commissioned for the BlakRoc project.


Damon Dash



Christopher Bevans

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  1. **I can see this Clearanced by summer ’10. . .is this a diss saying the ‘Roc’ is now white or too mainstream?

    Get over it and move on. . .it’s been 10yrs now.

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