Book Review: It’s Always Summer on the Inside by Jack O’Neill

You may or may not not be familiar with Jack O’Neill. But you’re definitely familiar with one of his ingenious inventions: the wetsuit. His original prototype was made from a bathing suit that O’Neill stuffed with foam sheets. Sounds pretty boss, right? Right. It’s Always Summer on the Inside by Jack O’Neill highlights O’Neill’s passion for design and innovation, and tells the tale of how he turned his surf brand O’Neill into one of the most coveted and respected companies in the scene.

The background information regarding surf culture is relatively extensive in this book and provides good insight into what surfing was like during the Great Depression. Other highlights include how O’Neill got started making surfboards in the 1950s, and how he virtually had no competition initially from others trying to steal market share from him in the wetsuit business. Now try and imagine that today for a second. Timing really is everything, huh?

“When we started with the wetsuits they laughed at us, but then they saw that the first person in with a wetsuit was the last person out of the water.” — Jack O’Neill

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