Bike Like a [Super] Champion

For all of you fixed-gear heads, Lifetime Collective now offers some fresh items that should be right on your track. In collaboration with Vancouver, Canada bike shop Super Champion, the Lifetime crew cut some crazy bicycle-orientated gear perfect for bike messengers of those of you getting in their way (look both ways before you cross, dicks).

It doesn’t get more official than this. The Super Champion Hat is uber-lightweight and features a total eight panels for a supreme fit, and it’s 65/35 polyester/cotton blend means this motherfucker is breathable like you wouldn’t believe, so don’t fear peddling so fast that you’re chasing the devil. The elastic, flex-fit brim completes the fit while the ultra-short visor gives the hat it’s desired racing aesthetic – the Lifetime x Super Champion signature multicolor stripe helps, too. Looks fast just sitting there.

Kill it with coordination by pairing the namesake hat with The Super Champion Tee and make Lance Armstrong look like a hobo’s butler. The 1980’s-inspired logo is fuckin’ tight and coupled with Lifetime’s cut & sew, this joint hits harder than that time your dad (intentionally) ran over your Huffy. Dude told you not to leave it laying in the driveway. What’s wrong with you?

Our banger for the Spring, The Super Champion Jacket is as lightweight as it is durable with all of the features you want in a nylon jacket. Ultra-breathable without compromising warmth in the elements, test this one against the wind and rain and make sure you tell Mother Nature not to be such a sore loser. Conveniently placed pockets for the bike messengers out there is innovation defined, and what’s more, motherfucker fits in a 10″ x 8″ carrying bag. Love these Lifetime cats.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at Lifetime Collective’s denims. Three words: ho-lee-shit.


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