The Very Best’s “Warm Heart of Africa” 7 Inch Giveaway!


The Very Best is the result of three very talented musical dudes who just happen to work on the same block in East London, UK. Esau Mwamwaya was a bit of an African drumming star in his hometown of Lilongwe, Malawi and his new neighbors happened to be super-producers Radioclit. Legend has it, after the Radioclit boys bought a bike from Esau’s shop, they invited him to one of their house warming parties.They made friends and started working on music together. Last year, an un-authorized mixtape, simply titled, The Very Best, was released featuring, Afrobeat, electro, hip-hop and various other styles, in anticipation of a full length album.

“Warm Heart of Africa” is the first single off of the upcoming album being released by Green Owl, and features guest vocals from Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. Cover art for the 7-inch features an exclusive commission from master painter BP Konan of the Ivory Coast. We have two of these discs to give away. To win one, tell us one of the African languages that Esau Mwmwaya sings in, and send your answers to Qualifying answers must live in the US.

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