‘Become a Microscope’ by Aaron Rose

From Aaron Rose who brought us ‘Beautiful Losers’, the 2008 documentary on the influence of skate culture in the early 90s culture scene, comes ‘Become a Microscope’, a look into the passion and work of iconic American pop artist, Sister Corita. A teacher at the Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles between 1947 and 1968, Sister Corita Kent broke the mould of Catholic nun in a far stretch from anything you might see a nun accomplish in ‘Sister Act’.

Fusing music lyrics, street signs, vibrant colours, newspaper headlines, magazine covers, and religious phrases, Corita’s works are an exuberant social commentary, mixed with her passion for life, her work, and the world around us. Rose creates a dynamic portrait of the woman, and the story of her innovative, subversive, and creative visual language created in the most ironic circumstances. A beautiful clip is available now through Nowness.

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