Alife, Undefeated, AT&T

I bet $26, a box of Korean chicken wings and sweat from my balls that at least one reader calls Alife and Undefeated sellouts! AT&T on the other hand is keeping it real.

Jordan Chalifoux

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  1. I don’t care for any of these brands, they lack the “in your face” attitude that once made streetwear fresh and exciting.

    However. If one of these brands were to release a tee shirt with a picture of a wolfman who had an oversized pair of testicles, with text that read “Wolfman has Nards” I might be willing to cough up, say, $80 for such an item.

    I would also be interested in an AT&T all over print mesh hoodie.

  2. This is reality. Big corps are dying to be down with the street shit. Let them have some. It will only force new iller shit to emerge. It’s the way new shit is born. Let it happen.

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