Alex McNaughton London Street Art Anthology


Alex McNaughton presents the comprehensive London Street Art Anthology, published by Prestel Publishing. And as the name suggests, this visual tome looks at the vibrant underbelly of London’s massive street art culture. Packed to the brim with full-color images interspersed by commentary from featured artists, the anthology covers all manner of street art, from graffiti to wheatpasting and even the occasional tiled mosaic. And whilst no book on British street art would be complete without a few offerings from Banksy, the diversity of arts represented is outstanding – the undercurrent of social commentary, however, seems unified. Look out for the likes of Panik and Mighty Mo, Cartrain, Faile, Jeff Aerosol and so many others. This is definitely a well researched and in-depth portrayal of urban art in Britain’s largest city.

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