88 BACK Apparel

“Rooftop like we bringin’ 88 back!”.  Toronto based apparel line, 88 Back is back on the scene with a very nice offering of spring treads to make you reminisce of the golden age of hip hop.  With that very culture as its backbone, 88 Back draws upon the trendsetting tradition and rebel spirit that has paved the way for generations of followers and many sub-cultures.  Check them out this spring and definitely be on the lookout for the commemorative J Dilla tee, dropping mid Feb.


  1. Mista – You’re right…but this context is different because it reps the year “1988” and not just 8-8 which were the only 2 pieces of the logo of the line that Target recalled. The logo here is “88Back”…with a bboy as the “A”, it clearly represents something different. Am I wrong?

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