1234V Zine Launch Party


1234V (one of North America’s most respected vajournals) is about to be unleashed for the first time in Toronto. The three-year-old zine started as a vulgar conversation between two bosom buddies in the cold, cold city of Winnipeg, and has since materialized into the mass production of all those stories you wanted to share with your buddies, but could only do so when you were hammered. Now you can read about them in 1234V. Why do we want to know about this stuff? Because, vaginas are weird and hilarious creatures. They do things that can’t always be explained, and whether this makes us laugh, or think, or gasp, or pull back in disgust, we want to read about it. Seriously. Party information and details listed on the flyer.

Info.Image: www.tightropebooks.com

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