Format Sneaker Wallpaper Contest

Format Sneaker Wallpaper Contest

Welcome sneakerfiends, graphic designers, photographers and money grubbers. Format has an exciting new opportunity for all of you to win a limited edition package from Solebox x Puma, and have your art exposed to the world!

We are now accepting submissions of wallpapers, in any media, which relate to sneaker culture. Please see below for general contest and prize information:

Contest Information

– Provided your work is original, you may use any style of media when submitting your wallpapers. Pictures from the Internet are acceptable as long as they are modified or used as inspiration.

– Wallpapers must be submitted in three resolutions: 1024×768, 1280×1024, and 1600×1200.

– Wallpapers must relate to sneakers, or sneaker culture. You may use any shoe, or shoe related topic for your wallpaper.

– Wallpapers must be submitted untagged. Format will tag the wallpapers independently.

– You may submit as many wallpapers as you want. Every wallpaper set will be considered for the prizes, but you may only win one prize.

– You will be notified if you have won a prize, or if we plan on using your wallpaper, one week after the deadline for submissions.

– The deadline for submissions is June 31, 2007.

– Only wallpapers sent to will be considered for the contest.

Prize Information

– The three prize winners will be selected by a panel of judges based on creativity, originality, and quality.

Prize #1:
Solebox x Puma Shoes – Limited to 558 Pairs Worldwide
Solebox x Puma Tee – Limited to 300 Pieces Worldwide
Solebox Cap – Limited to 150 Pieces Worldwide
Total Value: $255 US

Prize #2:
Solebox Hoodie – Limited to 300 Pieces Worldwide
Value: $150 US

Prize #3:
Solebox Polo – Limited to 300 Pieces Worldwide
Value: $80 US

The Rap Up

Please submit wallpapers to

Format reserves the right to publish, online, any wallpaper submitted for the Format Sneaker Wallpaper Contest.