Top 5 Nike Commercials of All Time

Somewhere pretty high up on the list of things that Nike does very, very well is make commercials. As one of the largest sportswear companies in the world it’s long has the resources, the product, & the stable of athletes needed to make truly inspiring, artistic ads.

Here are Format, we’ve decided to take a look at some of Nike’s greatest commercials, ranging from the classic to the controversial. Check out our selections below!

5) Lance Armstrong: What Am I On?
Politics & personal beliefs aside, this commercial is a brilliant approach to the scandal that has long surrounded seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. Anyone has to admire the bold tone of the commercial, which basically taunts all doubters.

4) Air Jordan ‘Banned’

Only a company like Nike could make such a bold, uncompromising commercial going against the very sports organization that turned them into a powerhouse. The famous ‘banned’ Jordans were cemented as a cultural icon after this ad. Fun Fact: in the first year of launching the ‘Jordan’ brand, nike expected to sell 3 million dollars worth of products. They sold over 150 million dollars. The rest is history.

3) Lebron James: Pressure
This commercial is what makes Nike’s ads so powerful. When it first aired, Lebron was exactly the untested phenom entering the NBA with the pressure of the world on his shoulders. It was a pretty big risk to make such a bold, cocky ad featuring the young player, & a testament to the kind of faith Nike has in its athletes.

2) Free Yourself
A great ad because it combines known athletes with regular people, demonstrating how anyone has the ability to achieve greatness no matter what their limitations or sport of choice. The video is full of some some amazing athletic feats, but we have to say the best part of the entire commercial is the sound that a few thousand runners make at the starting line. Madness.

1) ‘Courage’

A testament to what sport is all about: overcoming limitations in the face of immense suffering. What else can you say about that?


  1. Erik R. Adler says:

    Suggestions? We had a debate around the office about them (NFL one’s too), but ultimately they lost out.

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