Top 10 Streetwear Tees of 2006


Whether they specialize in just tees or are already doing cut & sew pieces, T-Shirts are the foreground products for any streetwear company. A standout tee can always give a brand exposure in the fashion community as the next label on the come up. But with all the new companies these days releasing new shirts left and right, it gets harder to find out which label really puts out well designed shirts on a consistent basis. A dope t-shirt should consist of at least one of these elements: a good design, a good theme if any, and a bold message if it has one.

Having a standout shirt alone doesn’t necessarily mean the label or the tee is good either. In the end, a shirt will just be a shirt, but for those who are true enthusiasts of the T-Shirt game, a shirt can be so much more. A tee can tell a story, it can display a work of art, it can bring people together, and it can even define a certain moment in someone’s life. In other words, tees do more than just cover up our upper body. They are pieces of clothing that convey certain values and meanings depending on the person looking at it or wearing it.

10. “Men Are the New Women” – Married to the Mob

Married to the Mob serves up a dose of Reality Check for their “Men are the New Women” shirt. Now don’t get offended so quickly fellas. Let’s think this through, because not all men belong in this category. As Leah would put it, “these days, men act like bitches.” Calling out men for not having nuts is a bold statement, but if you look carefully in society today, men are capable of being bigger drama queens than women, and that’s the sad truth.


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9. “Dirty Warhol” – Rocksmith

One way to combine your love for pop-art and hip-hop is to own Rocksmith’s tribute tee to the late great Wu member, Old Dirty Bastard. Known as the “Dirty Warhol,” this Rocksmith shirt immortalizes one of the Wu’s greatest in Andy Warhol fashion. Different colors are mixed and matched on nine portraits bearing ODB’s face, making the design truly stand out from afar. It’s even dope enough to place in a picture frame to display as a work of art. But it’s probably better if you just rock it.


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8. “Family Affairs” – Foreign Family

This tee just gets better the more you look at it. I mean from a guy’s point of view, it’s hard to top having a graphic shirt of an artistic version of two sexy girls in panties and thongs with tattoos making out. With all those elements combined into one shirt, this is probably as close as some of you fellas will get to actually witnessing such an act in real life. Wearing this shirt is probably the best way to keep reminding yourself about one of your greatest fantasies ever.


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7. “Back Like 45” – Lemar & Dauley

You knew that a sports themed shirt was going to make the Top 10 list somehow. With all the player tribute shirts out there by other T-Shirt brands, none could really compare to how dope the Lemar & Dauley “Back Like 45” is. Once you look at the design and see the hand with the six NBA championship rings, you already feel the sense of greatness that comes with that graphic. You may not have six Championship rings like Jordan, but rocking this shirt should make you feel like a champion of wearing dope tees.


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6. “Cross” and “Worshiper’s Weakness” – 10 Deep

The number six spot goes to 10 Deep for both their “Cross” and “Worshiper’s Weakness” tees. The theme for both shirts has been one of the sickest all year. The “Cross” shirt was the first one released, giving sneaker enthusiasts a graphic of shoeboxes in cross formation they can worship. Then just recently, 10 Deep flipped the script and went antichrist sneakerhead style with a satanic shoebox graphic for their “Worshiper’s Weakness” drop. Much props to you if you own both, but just be aware that sneaker collecting is not a form of religion – not yet at least.


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5. “Service” – Coup De Grace

Coup De Grace gave the T-Shirt loving community something very special this year. When it was first spotted on the Hundreds site, the infamous Paris Hilton shirt soon made noise across the web amongst streetwear fans as one of the must have graphic tees of 2006. Paris Hilton may not be the most likeable person on the face of the earth. But put her on a shirt committing the act of fellatio from her sex tape, and it’s pretty much a gold mine. Now that’s hot!


Available at:

4. “Gun Show” – Rogue Status

If you’re not familiar with Rogue Status, then maybe you’ve spotted this tee sported by Rob Dyrdek (DC skater and co-owner of Rogue Status) on the MTV show “Rob & Big.” As one of the best all-over print shirts released this year, the “Gun Show” is plainly just a repeat print of different types of gun silhouettes. Everything from shotguns, to uzis, to 45’s, to ak-47’s, and even bazookas are printed on, making it one of the coolest and most sought after tees of the year.


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3. “Iron Maiden Diamond” – Diamond Supply Co.

Forget about all the parody tees you’ve seen in 2006 because this one takes the cake. The “Diamond” tee is a take on the cover art for Iron Maiden’s second album, “Number of the Beast.” With the use of richer colors and a bandana graphic over Eddie’s face, the Diamond Supply Co. hit it off big for those rock fans in the streetwear community. In fact, you didn’t even need to be a fan of rock or Iron Maiden to enjoy this design. The graphic itself is one of the year’s most heralded images found on a shirt.


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2. “Cousins” – 3Sixteen

Some of you might not understand the meaning of the shirt right away. But if you’re clever enough, you might get the actual context that lies within the image of Sleepy and Death giving each other a pound with the words “Cousins” print up top. Now if someone gave you a hint and said, “Nas,” then you’d probably recite the line right away. “I never sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death.” Quite clever don’t you think? It’s a simple shirt that conveys a well known hip-hop lyric without it having to contain hip-hop imagery.


Available at:

1. “Paisley” – The Hundreds

The top spot goes to the Hundreds. First it was their Paisley hoodies that blew everyone’s minds. Then when the paisley tees followed, almost every streetwear fan went just as crazy for the tees as they did for the hoodies. They even released a purple, a green, a red, and a grey version, making it a complete family of shirts that everyone loved so much. They were also hard to come by because it always sold out so quickly. Hype or no hype, these were the best tees of 2006.


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  1. “A dope t-shirt should consist of at least one of these elements: a good design, a good theme if any, and a bold message if it has one.”

    …and the #1 tee on your list contains non of these elements you speak of (hype or no hype). *sigh*

  2. You know it’s always good to see someone do justice to the music I love. The bands I love definitely deserve all the exposure they can get. This “Diamond” shirt, however just pisses me off like you would not believe. I am a die-hard Iron Maiden fan, and I believe that the exposure that they recieve should be a result of appreciation of their music, not to knock off their cover art and blatantly rip off the ideas that they themselves put in the effort to create. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me though. The BlacLabel line of clothing is an obvious ripoff of Black Label Society, fronted by Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. Everything is ripped off straight from the band, down to the old-English font and the “Death Before Dishonor” slogan (even though it was misspelled on the shirt I saw it on). All I’m saying is, not to be racist, but these “gangtas” need to keep the fuck out of what is rightfully mine. Know what you’re fuckin’ wearing. These shirts are about more than a design, they’re a representation of my lifestyle and the music to which I am dedicated. The pain that it brings to me to see Eddie with a bandana over his face is undescribable, and I know that anyone in the Metal community would surely agree. You all need to step off and keep to your own shit. Quit trying to move in on mine.

  3. man, these shirts are all super dope. if you don’t like them, you guys don’t know what you’re talking about. the hundreds is huge and diamond supply co is rock hard! they know who they be represtin’ so don’t hate. word. love makes the world go round round round.

  4. A true Iron Maiden Fan says:

    You should of noticed if you were a “true fan” that they put that number of the beast their SECOND album cover which is fucken wrong it’s actually their THIRD haha :p anyways that shirt is not even that bad kinda like it

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