Top 10 Streetwear Hoodies of 2006


In England, hoodies are known as the clothing of choice by hooligans. That’s why a lot of establishments in the UK, especially malls, have banned entry to those wearing them. It seems anyone rocking a hoodie can’t be trusted these days. Bollocks to that. So forget about what the UK thinks. Here we have a complete list of 2006’s 10 Best Hoodies.

We’ve selected them in terms of design, quality, and yes, even hype. Everything from all-over print, to embroidered designs, and even rare quality material hoodies has made this roster of 10. Even a few of these items were some of the quickest to be sold out on the date of their release. But not all hoodies chosen are about selling power. Some are about attention to detail and quality, while some are just really fun to wear. And that’s the beauty of hoodies. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever. It’s so versatile that even hooligans can use it as a tool to commit criminal acts in. Just put up the hood and you’re set to go, but Format doesn’t recommend you do this, or condone any criminal activity.

10. “Guardian Angels” – Future Relic

Known as the “Guardian Angels” hoodie, this limited edition piece is a collaborative item with the 222 Gallery in Philly. The graphic of two cherubs guiding a dropping bomb on the back of the hoodie is an artistic expression of what’s going on in our world today. The Future Relic logo on the front of the hoodie as well as the graphic on the back, are both embroidered, so this sweater is sure to last you a long time.


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9. “Sea Island Cotton” – Visvim

When talking about hoodies, or other types of clothing, another factor to consider is the quality of materials used. Earlier this year, Visvim released an Indian inspired hoodie made entirely out of special Sea Island cotton. This cotton is so valuable and rare, that those who supply it choose only the best garment manufacturers to give it to. Visvim of course is one of those producers of fine quality products. The hoodies come in black, white, and brown, and have ribbon embroidery on the front.


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8. “Reversible Hoodie (Liora Manne Pattern)” – Classickicks (Rein Et Roi)

Forget what you know about all-over print hoodies because this one is in a league of its own. In November this year, Classickicks’ private label Rein Et Roi commissioned the talents of textile designer Liora Manne for a release of a few special reversible hoodies using her signature patterns. What came out of course were hoodies with patterns never before imagined by other labels, making them true gems in this Top 10 list.


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7. “Monster Plaid” – Reason

Reason Clothing came through late this year with their release of the Monster Plaid hoodies. What’s special about these hoodies is that the plaid pattern used is more than just plaid. It also comes with a mixture of checkered and polka-dot prints, making it a true “monster” piece. The zip-up hoodie looks great on its own or under a jacket as a lining for the colder weather environments. They come in colors of navy, purple, and red.


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6. “Leroy Jenkins Hoodies” – Leroy Jenkins

I believe that all Leroy Jenkins pieces are just as equally dope as each other. Before there was even hype with all-over print patterns, Leroy Jenkins blazed the trail with their signature style of floral print hoodies. Each Leroy Jenkins piece exudes quality and perfect attention to detail. Even the polka-dot lining on the inside of the hoodie is worthy of praise. If anything, Leroy Jenkins should’ve won an award in 2006 for most original concept design in fashion. They are definitely a label to watch out for in 2007.


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5. “Crackle Hoodie” – MIKE

One of the best things ever to come out of the sneaker game is the crackle print. Now put that same concept on a hoodie, and you’ll have one of the freshest pieces of clothing ever. That’s why the MIKE Crackle Hoodie was one of the most sought after pieces of the year. You can even say that 2006 was the year of the crackle as everything from Blackberries, to hats, to sneakers, and even couches sported crackle print.


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4. “Tiger Hoodie” – BAPE

It was BAPEmania once again this year when the new Tiger Hoodie was released. Similar to its Shark Hoodie predecessor, the Tiger Hoodie garnered much attention when it was first seen on Kanye West in a BAPE look-book. When it dropped at the Bape store in Aoyama, Japan, more than 1400 people lined up in an attempt to own one. As you can see, the hoodie sports a full-zip closure with a tiger face on the hood. It comes in both black and white, and is now really hard item to come by.


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3. “Chain Gang” – 10 Deep

The Chain Gang hoodie by 10 Deep was definitely one of the best all-over print hoodies this year. What makes this hoodie special is that it was one of the items that really put 10 Deep on the map in 2006. When the Chain Gang hoodie dropped, boutiques and shops carrying 10 Deep items couldn’t keep the hoodie in stock. They came in three colors of white, grey, and red, and are still to this day sought after. Even fakes of the hoodies have now surfaced on eBay for top prices. You’ve been warned.


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2. “Paisley Hoodie” – The Hundreds

The Hundreds kept it really gangster this year by releasing the all-over print paisley hoodies. The hoodies only came in two versions, a white on black and a grey on black. If you were one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the white on black version, then you probably soon found out that you can customize the paisley prints in different colors. Soon after, pics of everyone’s own customized version of the Paisleys surfaced on the net, making it one of the most popular hoodies to drop in 2006.


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1. “Dead Serious” – LRG

The Dead Serious hoodie by LRG is just one of those pieces of clothing you really love or hate. As one of the most hyped items in 2006, the Dead Serious hoodie was also rocked by Kanye West before its release. Also, what makes this hoodie special is its detailing – glow in the dark full skeleton print on both sides, see-through mesh eyes on the skull, and gold foil teeth print. It may not be the most fashionable thing you’ll wear, but it’s guaranteed to be the most fun.


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  1. 2 things… 1. Leroy Jenkins should’ve been #1 in my humble opinion (if this list is based on originality and quality) and 2. How did True Love and False Idols not make the cut at all???

  2. true love false idols hoodies are by far the best of 2006..#1 dopest..that was an oversight for sure

  3. how do you get the images on to the hoodie all-over?
    where do you go,contact,any info is good

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  5. Christian Bonning says:

    I got the LRG hoody in dark blue but i want it in black but they’re not even being sold anymore only fakes out now.

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