Top 10 Hip-Hop DVDs of 2006


It’s a basic concept – take the components of any successful hip-hop album, put them on a video and sell it for the same price as an album. With advances in technology, and hip-hop’s continued mainstream rise, this year, the typical hip-hop DVD was taken to new heights. DVDs became more theatrical and were produced at a higher quality than in the past. Some of these movies had actual storylines and plots. None of us should be holding our breath waiting on Oscar nominations, but then again Shottas was a damn good movie!

This genre wasn’t created for the artsy type – these movies are being watched by people who consider Friday classic material. 2006s hip-hop DVDs still include all of the elements that you need to make them successful – sex, drugs, violence, music and some actors that needed the work. We might not be the generation to see the brilliance of Illmatic or Ready to Die captured on video, but there are some big strides being taken.

hipdvds_rkelly.jpg10. Trapped in the Closet # 1-12 Directed By: R. Kelly and Jim Swaffield

R.Kelly already had everyone hooked to his ghetto soap opera through his radio releases. When the videos came, it took the cake. The fact that he was acting and singing his verses along with the other actors made us wonder if he is really a genius or did he have too much time on his hands waiting on his trial to start.

hipdvds_hiphopcop.jpg9. Black and Blue – Legends of the Hip Hop Cop Directed by: Peter Spirer

With the exposure of the NY Hip Hop task force and the mystery behind the murder of the Notorious BIG being linked to the LAPD, Black and Blue – Legends of the Hip Hop Cop” came right on time. Thanks again to QD3, we have a clearer picture of what exactly was the reason in creating these special “Hip Hop Cops” and how they’ve harassed our favorite MCs.

hipdvds_davechapelle.jpg8. Dave Chappelle Block Party Directed By: Michel Gondry

We all were anticipating the DVD release of this legendary concert that Mr. Chappelle had decided to produce with his own money. Some of the added features weren’t that great, but those were added for length and content purposes. The Fugees reunion alone was worth the price of admission to Dave Chapelle’s Block Party.

hipdvds_hoodz.jpg7. Hoodz Series

There were many newcomers to the hip-hop DVD in 2006, but none made a bigger splash than the Hoodz series. Hoodz managed to carve out their own niche by going super ghetto with all of their interviews and features. They also managed to get into every major hood in America; quite a feat for their first time out. For more information, check out:

hipdvds_allacess.jpg6. All Access Series

The pioneer of hood DVDs continued to do their thing this year. All Access stayed ahead of the curve by offering more exclusive stories and less of the SMACK features such as bootleg videos and filming guys smoking weed and playing with their guns. These DVDs continue to be an important media outlet for the streets. For more information, check out:

hipdvds_bosnnup.jpg5. Boss’n Up Directed By: Dylan C. Brown

With his release of Boss’n Up Snoop Dogg not only created an entertaining movie, but also managed to provide us all with a guide to pimpin’. This is truly a fairy tale for the ages, a story of a grocery clerk that is recruited by a pimp to take over his business. He meets his first recruit—the beautiful Shillae Anderson—and is well on his way to pimp stardom. We all need more Snoop in our lives.

hipdvds_thegame.jpg4. Stop Snitchin, Stop Lying Directed By: Engel Thedford

Game went for overkill this year with the whole G-Unot campaign, which included the DVD release of Stop Snitchin, Stop Lying. There were, however, enough entertaining moments on here for it to make the Top 10. The best moment is when Game actually breaks onto Mr. Jackson’s property and steals a basketball hoop. Now that’s gangsta!

hipdvds_16bars.jpg3. The Art Of 16 Bars Directed by: Peter Spirer

Hip-hop 101 at its finest. QD3 continues in his Beef tradition to bring a critical breakdown of how a mc becomes a MC with 16 Bars. The film gives a much needed history lesson and insight from some of the greatest who have ever done it. The most compelling analysis comes from the great KRS-One who shares tips such as how to appear larger than life and how to keep the crowd involved in your show. Any aspiring mc should study this DVD like homework.

hipdvds_pimp.jpg2. Pimpalation DVD Directed by: Pimp C

One of the proudest moments this year in hip-hop was the return of Pimp C, the other half of the legendary UGK. Upon his release there were a flurry of guest appearances and an album release with this DVD attached to it. Pimpilation has a more serious side than most as it actually delves into the mind of a man who was locked up at the height of his career and is released to find his status has grown even more.

hipdvds_killaseason.jpg1. Killa Season Directed by: Cam’ron

This was a good year for Dipset. Killa Season might go down as a new hood classic. The story revolves around Cam’ron (Flea) and his grind in Harlem to become a big timer. All of the crew is here (minus Jim Jones) along with a couple of others to round out the cast. There are some funny/gross/inexplicable scenes in this movie, but the characters turn out to be pretty likeable. Killa Season the movie was definitely better than Killa Season the album.

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  1. Killa Season as a hood classic

    youd be troubled to find more than 5 people who have HEARD of it, never mind 50 people in North America who could bare to watch more than 5 minutes

    where was the editor on this one haha

  2. agree with chad, killa season on the number one spot? THAT’s the classic right there. Killa season is the fakest, gayest movie out there.

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