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Format: Our last interview focused a lot on blogging and sneaker media. Let’s get a bit more personal this time. Please introduce yourself and discuss your history before starting Sneaker Files.
Brian Betschart: As you may know from the first interview, my name is Brian Betschart, and I am the creator and founder of Before I actually sat down and started Sneaker Files, I worked in the construction field, fixing homes,which is like night and day from what I am doing now. Although the job was fun and I learned a lot, I knew it was not for me. During this time frame (and even before), I would check out different websites for information on sneakers, which pushed me to make my own, yet sadly I had no idea how to create a website. My substantial reading on my off time gave me the confidence to move forward with Sneaker Files. When I look back on all the books I read and the time to research, it was worth every second.

Format: What was your inspiration to start Sneaker Files?
Brian: The inspiration to create was to have current news, release dates, and have some laughs with other sneaker heads. Also, some years back it was difficult to find current news on blogs, with their being a small handful, and sometimes they would not update. You could hit the forums, but even this would take time to find. So with an aggregation of information, news, and rare kicks, we launched Sneaker Files. True inspiration was to help fellow enthusiasts out.

Format: How is Sneaker Files different than the previous site?
Brian: Sneaker Files, like a lot of sites, has its unique qualities. Since we received 100’s of e-mails a week looking for a particular sneaker, we built a authentic sneaker search engine. We have added only authentic websites to the engine. When you search for a pair you wanted, various websites pop up allowing you to purchase. We also have a player exclusive section with different Air Jordan’s and Nike’s, which adds nicely to the Rare Air Jordan’s section. Lastly, we have the first online sneaker encyclopedia (known as the Sneaker Guide), while others tried and copied, we actually were developing this first, and slowly releasing page by page. We have well over 300 different sneakers, with release date, retail price, and some history on the chosen model.

Format: How did you transition from fixing houses to blogging full-time?
Brian: Sneaker Files is my current job, although I never call it this, since this is what I love, and have passion for. The transition from fixing up houses, to blogging and writing was hard, but easy depending on the day. When you’re working all day, and out in the sun, it takes a lot out of you, where the first thing you think about when you get off work is to take a shower and relax. But this passion I have for sneakers gave me the extra mile I needed to work, and make sure Sneaker Files contained up to date. One day, it got to the point where I had to say “bye” to one or the other, needless to say you know what I picked.

Format: How do you keep from getting bored with sneakers?
Brian: I have always loved Basketball and sneakers, since I can remember. When I was younger I always wanted Jordan’s or Nike’s, but due to the crime rising, and with the older kids stealing Jordan’s, Nike’s and Starter jackets, my parents did not want me to fall victim. The end of fifth grade and the beginning of the summer, I finally saved enough money mowing lawns to purchase my first pair of Nike’s, which was the Nike Flight 96. Needless to say they were stolen, but since then I would always work side jobs to earn sneakers. I think due to the strong passion I had from a kid, and can relate great memories with a certain sneaker makes the love endless. Besides, it is fun to exam a new model releasing and try them out on the courts.

Format: What does Sneaker Files have planned for the future?
Brian: We can not say much, but the first thing you can expect to see is a new look, for and the forum. This is just a start of what’s to come. We will give everyone the word once something new roles out, and believe me, there is a lot.

Format: Why shoes?
Brian: This question is asked frequently, and to answer this short and sweet, I just love sneakers. I would not even know about websites if my interest of shoes did not push me a little farther. You might think sneakers and websites do not mix but I only have sneakers to thank for creating Sneaker Files.

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