Sean Price


In the Bible, Adam and other Old Testament prophets are considered by most Christians to be prefigures of Jesus Christ.

Having already put in work with Heltah Skeltah in the late `90s, Ruck, better known today as Sean Price, could have retired from rap eight years ago with his status solidified as a veteran in hip-hop circles from the streets to the suburbs. But he didn’t.

Hungry for respect, a solo career, and food (literally), a reinvigorated Ruck returned as Sean P in 2005 with the critically acclaimed album Monkey Barz. Now, two years later, after a full-blown BCC resurgence, Sean P is back again. Jesus Price Superstar has arrived.

Format: How did Sean Price evolve out of Ruck and what made you decide to switch aliases?
Sean Price: I just switched my name because it’s my real name. It ain’t even rocket science. When my moms passed, she asked me to rock my real name, so that was nothing to do. Simple as that, it ain’t no big science behind it. But, what I found out, is when I put the name out and I put the Sean Price shit out, a lot of motherfuckers didn’t realize Sean Price was Ruck. I appreciate that. I didn’t want them to think I was some old nigga on the comeback, anyway. Sean Price is a new thing, so it works in my favor.

Format: That being the case, do you find that there’s a disparity between how people see Ruck and how people see Sean P?
Sean Price: Yeah, and I don’t care. I have people walk up on me and say, ‘Yo Ruck, that nigga Sean Price is the truth, where he at?’ And they lookin’ at the motherfucker right in his face. I don’t mind as long as you enjoying the music. You’ll discover it later.

“Whoever love the music, love the music. I don’t care, it could be a bunch of skateboarding, Tony Hawk-ass niggas, I wouldn’t give a fuck.”

Format: What, if any, are the differences between the two personas?
Sean Price: It’s a bit difference between Ruck and Sean Price. Sean Price is more responsible, he a family man, take care of his kids, got things in order. Whereas, Ruck was kind of reckless, smacking the shit out of people, slamming motherfuckers, getting into bullshit, carrying guns, getting locked-up – so it’s a difference.

Format: A lot has changed in the industry since the Heltah Skeltah days. What are the differences for you, personally, coming out ten years ago and coming out recently as Sean Price?
Sean Price: Well, right now, the music industry is kind of wack. A lot of niggas ain’t putting out good material. Niggas can’t rhyme, beats be fugazi. So when they hear a nigga like me, they hear my album, motherfuckers think they going back in time `cuz they don’t hear shit like this no more, which they should. A lot of people saying hip-hop is this, hip-hop is that – it’s going down. I put out two hot albums. I’m about to put out my second one on the 30th [January, 2006]. My shit’s been hot, my shit’s been hip-hop. I don’t think Nas heard my album. If he did he wouldn’t of said hip-hop is dead. Obviously he don’t know what the fuck he talkin’ bout if he ain’t hear Monkey Barz. If he heard Monkey Barz he’d of retracted that statement, because hip-hop is alive, and it’s in Brownsville right now.


Format: You’re kind of bringing that `90s vibe back. Do you feel that is how you’re staying relevant today?
Sean Price: It ain’t even a `90s vibe. It’s just a good hip-hop feel. The shit I grew-up on listening, the shit I like to do, that’s all. My shit ain’t the `90s. I ain’t write this shit in the `90s, I wrote this shit last year, so that’s what it is right there. It’s good hip-hop. It ain’t outdated, it ain’t old school. It’s real shit. I’m talking about relevant shit. My metaphors is up to date, there ain’t no old nothin’ on my shit. This shit hard body, people need to take notes.

Format: You’re definitely a hardcore rapper, but it seems like a lot of your fan base is backpacker-ish. Do you put yourself in that category? And why do you think you’ve attracted those fans?
Sean Price: Whoever love the music, love the music. I don’t care, it could be a bunch of skateboarding, Tony Hawk-ass niggas, I wouldn’t give a fuck. It could be tennis players, I don’t give a fuck. As long as you get it and enjoy it, I don’t try to figure it out. A fan is a fan, I treat `em all the same. I appreciate all of them. You could be whatever race, color, creed – I don’t give a fuck, just get that shit.

Format: Where did the “Brokest Rapper You Know” thing come from?
Sean Price: It’s not a thing, I was really assed out. It’s no gimmick, B. Nobody wants to be called the brokest rapper you know. That shit ain’t funny, that shit ain’t cute. It’s the truth though. Some kid ran up on me a couple weeks ago at one of my shows like, ‘Yo Ruck, yo I’m the brokest rapper you know.’ I’m like cool, you can have that title. I ain’t challenging you. Shit, I don’t want to be broke. I had a good come up last year, too, so I’m not as broke as I was last year. Gracious. Allah’s good.

“I don’t think Nas heard my album. If he did, he wouldn’t of said hip-hop is dead.”

Format: You’ve mentioned that you were having trouble after Magnum Force dropped?
Sean Price: Yeah, you know, I was in a lot of shit, in the streets. My moms had just died. Rock went to jail, gun charges. It was getting real critical, niggas was doing dumb shit. It was just a bad period, that whole period – Magnum Force. That whole period was fucked up.

Format: What was it the sparked your return as Sean Price?
Sean Price: I was listening to shit that was going on and I was like, I can do better. I hear why niggas is rappin’ now and all that shit they doin’. I’m like this shit is corny, I can do better than that. And, I did, maybe not sale-wise, but put my album against anybody that’s shit is out right now. My shit is tough, niggas can’t fuck around. And wait for this new album. You put my shit against any new album that just came out. Put it against whoever album. Who got new albums out? Nas, Jay-Z, who? Put my shit up against all they shit, my shit better than theirs. I’m not dissing them, I’m just stating the facts. Put they shit up and play my shit. My shit knock all them niggas shit out the box, straight music. I’m nice.

Format: You’re not the only member of Boot Camp to return recently. What was it that made all of you come back into the game?
Sean Price: We all nice, so [we] just put it together. We knocked that shit out. That’s why we did the Triple Threat thing. My album, Monkey Barz; Tek N Steele, Reloaded; Buckshot and 9th Wonder, Chemistry. Then we put out another Boot Camp album, The Last Stand and now we back to square one, the new Sean Price. We not playing, man, we could do this shit all day. Now that we on the independent, that’s why albums dropping out so quick. I’m working on album three, right now, so you know how that shit go.

“I think all MCs coming up in New York are garbage.”

Format: How did the whole BCC and Justus League connection come about?
Sean Price: I did a show in North Carolina, me and Buck, and we met 9th Wonder out there. Son played some beats, he was like, ‘Yo, ya’ll need to come through.’ Matter fact, the beat he played me when I first met him was “Heartburn.” I was like, yeah that shit is hot. And, then we came back down south like two months later, we hooked up with son and I was like where that beat at? And then he played “Heartburn” again, doo-doo-doo-doo – I went in. That was it, the connection is there. Only thing I told him, I said, on Monkey Barz, I went there, [North Carolina], during the end of my album, when I start the new album, I’m going down south first to start and then I’m gonna finish it up in New York.

Format: Jesus Price Superstar has leaked, what’s going to happen to the owner of copy 33?
Sean Price: Aghhhhhh. No comment. You’ll see, you’ll see [laughs].

Format: How are you dealing with the leak personally?
Sean Price: I’m not even tripping. Number one, the shit that got leaked is like an advance copy, it’s got it saying “Jesus Price Superstar, January 30th” through the whole shit, so I guess it’s like a preview of my album for those who didn’t really believe. The response that’s been coming back is beautiful, so I guess it’s cool. We trying to shut down every site that got it on there, but that’s fucking impossible. We doing as much as we can though, but I’m not really worried about it. It is what it is. I’m just glad people like it. Motherfuckers write me on MySpace going, ‘Yo, I got number 33,’ everybody saying, ‘I got copy 33.’ They like, ‘That shit is banging,’ I’m like, ‘Get it `cuz there’s too much talking over it, you guys love that shit.’

Format: How is Jesus Price Superstar different than Monkey Barz?
Sean Price: That’s for you to decide. I had fun doing both of them. It’s hard for me to say one of them is better than the other. That’s on you to judge. I know I love both of them. I think this album is a little more harder than Monkey Barz. I felt like I had a chip on my shoulder. I wanted to do two solo albums before I do the new Heltah Skeltah. You know why, `cuz the first album is to let you know, I’m here, I’m back. The second album is to let you know it’s not a fluke and I’m not a solo artist until Rock come back. I’m a solo artist forever, ya heard? So that’s what I wanted to get across with this album. Let you know it ain’t no fluke, I’m the truth, I’m a solo artist for real. This ain’t no temporary shit. This shit is serious.


Format: How does it feel to be a solo artist now?
Sean Price: It feel great man, nah mean? I’m making money, I’m taking care of the family. That’s what I do this for. It’s bigger than me. I got a kid, I got a wife, I gotta support the family, so that’s what I’m doing.

Format: Is there any difference in artistic freedom or anything like that?
Sean Price: Ain’t nothing changed. Dru holla at me, I do what I want. This the process: I go down south, I start working on my album, I bring back the skeleton of the album, then I sit with Dru, he listen to it. Dru give me tips on how to fine tune it or whatever, whatever, then we sit in the studio and we do it. Real simple. I made it real easy for Dru this time. I went down south, did my thing, came back and put the music in his lap. He like, ‘Aight, no problem.’ Then we did the Boot Camp album. My album was done before the Boot Camp album, but he wanted to the Boot Camp album first to close out that Triple Threat thing.

Format: When you’re sitting down to write a verse for the Boot Camp album, do you come at it differently than if it’s for your solo?
Sean Price: I take my albums a little bit more seriously than everything else I do. I’m real picky choosy. But I’m supposed to be, it’s my shit. If it’s a group, it’s more than me, so some things I do get outvoted, but it is what it is. Bottom line is let’s all get it right. Whether you gotta take something of mine off, or whoever, it’s not personal, it’s business.

“Who got new albums out? Nas, Jay-Z, who? Put my shit up against all they shit, my shit better than theirs.”

Format: The album name, Jesus Price Superstar, depending on the interpretation can be taken as controversial. What kind of responses have you received from the title?
Sean Price: Allegedly if you read the Bible, I don’t believe everything I read anyway, that go for the Bible too, but allegedly in the Bible, Jesus walked through the hood and spread the word, and the word was God. So, Jesus Price is going through the hood, spreading the word and the word is real hip-hop. That’s where it start and end. You look at my cover, I ain’t got no crosses, no nails through my feet, I ain’t with none of that crazy shit. I did get one response recently. Duke was like ‘Hey man, you’re not the fucking savior, blasphemy.’ Some stupid shit like that, but I’m like man get out of here with that shit man. I don’t pay that shit no mind.

Format: What’s up with the features you’ve been doing on MySpace, how did that all come together?
Sean Price: They, [the artists], started hollering at me. I’m like aight this is how we gonna do it, ray-ray-ray-ray, and it goes down. I do like three, four of them a week. Random peoples. You send money and send me the beat, I lay the beat down, send it back to `em, it’s a wrap. All fresh verses, I even send them the lyrics I wrote. It don’t even be a vibe, `cuz half of the motherfuckers who I do it with, I don’t really see `em, I don’t know what they look like, so it’s just me handling my business. A lot of people, it’s just e-mails, e-mails, e-mails. Yousendit, you give me the beat, I send it back. Western Union me the money and shit. One time, a song was just so horrible, I could just not take duke’s money. I was like, ‘Yo, I don’t like the beat, I don’t like this at all, I’m not gonna take your money.’ He wrote back like, ‘I appreciate that.’

Format: What’s your opinion of the new wave of MCs coming up in New York?
Sean Price: I think they garbage, I think all MCs coming up in New York are garbage. Peace to my man Uncle Murda, he serious, but the rest of them niggas is trash. I love Uncle Murda, he talk that real shit, you know? Ready to shoot cops, smack police. I’m all for that, I endorse that. Ruste Juxx, he workin on his new album right now, but otherwise than that these niggas is trash. They can’t rhyme. I don’t know niggas personally to be like ‘Yo, he a bitch ass nigga, he did this that and a third.’ All I know is what they rap, and they rappin’ is horrible. And I worried about them, neither. I hit hard.


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  1. yo this article was great… Jesus Sean Price is like a breath of fresh air for the game and him teaming up with them J League niggaz?!?!? Just perfect for the whole BCC… no lie they should be together real talk… like JLA/JL:A u know what i mean?… but yeah great article… “Thou Shall Not Fuck With The God…. Or The God Shall Beat Earth, Wind and Fire Outta One Of You Bitch Ass Niggaz… 1, P!!!”….

  2. LOL.. get at ‘em P!! Dudes in NY are wack! when you got cats trying to sound like they from the dirty south, the you know shit is wack!! cats from around the tri-state better start listening to some real shit and lets take back this thing called hip-hop! shit, we started it!

  3. Yo I love Sean Price. Nice article, he’s fuckin’ hillarious too. I like the fact he doesn’t bite his tongue. The advance copy of his new shit is nice just like his last one. Nice to see some real hiphop for a change. I’m sick of these wack ass dudes leaning and rocking with it.

  4. Not hatin but I'm just sayin says:

    I was feelin Black Moon and Smif n Wessun back in the day and Heltah Skeltahs first album had some REALLY nice cuts on it but c’mon! NONE of them are still makin quality music or music worth checkin for. I listen to the 4 songs above from Seans myspace and shit sounds like 90s throwback. Its 2007!

    He could atleast step up his production alittle and let the “sound” catch up to 2000 then he can work on lyrics that I can’t finish before he does.

    SORRY to hate. I stumbled on this interview from another site and alot of times I’ll read an interview even if I dont love the artist just to see what they got to say and Sean seems like a guy with alot of heart and a cool ass muthafucka but music wise good thing he dont care who his fans are cause we all know whos listening to that shit. Heads that are mad Hip Hops not what it was back in the day then the white kids who love to love anything thats not mainstream. But glad hes eating off his music and I wish him the best but I wont be coppin it. I’d rather buy another copy of Nocturnal. (or whatever the firrst album was called!)

  5. Damn,…. dudes listening to too much Lil’ Wayne…. KRS-1 laid the blue print out very simply “Rap is something you do and hip-hop is something you live”. Dudes feel that since they are living vicariously through the music and talking about trap houses and foriegn gear that they are doing real hip hop… Please P-BODY is the truth. 2007 don’t got nothing but SNAP MUSIC running dudes silly to the strip club. Sean Price has real music, real issues. evidently some people got to much Jeezy on the brain to unwrap to get that PREPACKAGED TRASH out of there IPOD.

  6. Word: Sean P. is a good MC but whats up with these cats who believe in God (no matter what religion they are) and still say they’re down for drug dealing or shooting cops or robbing other cats? To me that’s pure hypocricy. In his interview Sean P. says:

    “I love Uncle Murda, he talk that real shit, you know? Ready to shoot cops, smack police. I’m all for that, I endorse that.”

    What’s so “real” about killing a cop? Cat’s need to grow up and be positive.

  7. Sean Price is surely slept on. Holding it down on my TOP 5 emcees since the 90’s. His delivery is so sick. Hip-Hop ain’t dead! Kids is just listening to the WRONG SHITTT!!!! Bottomline! Only a true Hip Hop fan knows what I’m talking about…


    Nas that album was TRASH GODSON!!!!

  8. Alwayz a pleasure to get fimiliair wit the real shit that is going on nowadayz, i call myself godbody as well and alwayz willing to slap the taste outta some fagit trying to impose thier will on me. By the way my name is Sean P. 2. Ill slap you later.

  9. Aiyyo, millionaire monkeys microphone mix masters
    Make money from music, the fo’-fifth faster
    Slap a, b-boy knock his tooth out his grill
    Sean Price be the truth in the ‘Ville, listen
    If ya, knock on my door I’m cockin the four
    Free to escape from the law like Assata Shakur
    For a dime a tack you can put your cock in a whore
    Kinda worse when you rockin on tour, listen
    Groupie girls wanna lick on your dick
    Groupie guys wanna get in the flick, I’m like – FUCK YOU~!
    Give me some chips, overall they like “Sean’s so ill”
    Who you think you is, Ron O’Neal? (YEAH!)
    Allahu akbar pah scar pa on the grill
    Fake fuck’s face cut when they fuck with the real
    Mighty Flow Young, so dumb, guns is drawn
    Calamity, all your family, your son is mourned, one

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