Rugby Ralph Lauren: Moustache Essentials

If you choose to rock a soup strainer, you might as well do it well. The good folks over at Rugby are providing all the deets you need to know to keep your cookie duster from becoming unsightly.

1. Shampoo regularly. As becoming as they are, mustaches collect things and no matter how fine the food, it doesn’t belong in your mo’.

2. Mustache hair is coarse and benefits from regular conditioning. Massage your mo’ with a dollop of conditioner, and then rinse thoroughly. It will make it softer to touch for both you and your intimate friends.

3. Use a hot face washer to steam and cleanse the skin under your mustache that can suffer from drying and itching. For the modern gentleman, out of site does not mean out of mind.

4. Embrace mustache wax

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something dignified about moustache wax. After all, Poirot used it. Enough said.

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