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Designed by Portland-based MWM Graphics, a.k.a. Matt W. Moore, Devil in the Details is inspired by Art Nouveau’s decorative, yet, dark elements. The ornate, organic flow of the artwork is offset by a black-on-black print preventing the viewer from fully engaging with the piece.

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide. $35.00 – Taxes and S/H included. All prices in USD.

Format: Please discuss your inspirations, references, process, and final design for your inclusion in the Nu Nouveau collection.
MWM Graphics: Straight up, I just went from my memory of everything I’ve seen from the Art Nouveau aesthetic. I am a bit naïve when it comes to the specifics of Art History, but this chapter definitely has a distinct look. I really wanted to do a couple things with this tee, one being “Black-On-Black,” and the other being “Devil In The Details.” Thanks to Format being flexible, we were able to pull both off simultaneously.

Format: Format asked all of the designers of Nu Nouveau to use Art Nouveau as a reference. What art/cultural movements generally inspire your work?
MWM Graphics: Again, it’s tough for me to speak accurately about movements because I am still learning about them. But I guess you could say my inspiration is a mix of MC Escher, Picasso, Cubism, Abstraction, and The Future.

Format: Are t-shirts actually a canvas or are we getting a bit too stoosh?
MWM Graphics: Hell yeah. Tees are a canvas. For our generation, they are the only canvas for some cats. How many of your homies have original paintings on their walls?

Format: How, if at all, do you work differently when designing for a t-shirt compared to other media?
MWM Graphics: Tees have to be “floaters.” The design has to flow well, and center well. I probably wouldn’t have tried the “Black-On-Black” in print, but I knew it would be fly on a tee. Especially after a couple sunny days and dryer cycles. Just wait and see. Magic YO.

Format: What else are you up to at the moment that people should be aware of?
MWM Graphics: Heading to Brazil in a couple weeks for a month in Sao Paulo and a Solo-Show at POP. Really excited for this. Then off to Rosario, Argentina in August for another Solo-Show there at BLAST. Mucho South America this Summer!

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