No. 1 Consequence

No. 1 Consequence

Making the decision to create a brand on your own is something that would make any sane person experience a wide range of emotions. Although, from taking even a brief look at No 1 of Consequences’ Season 1 line up, it is clear that Creative Director, Ryan Anzures, sprinted right past apathetic on the spectrum of emotions and went straight to opinionated when creating his t-shirt designs.

The Washington, DC native, who has worked for high profile companies like Stussy, Nike, In4mation, and Soul Rebel, just to name a few, makes it clear that he has got something to say. Combining bold designs with cheeky assaults on politics and pop culture, No 1 of Consequence caters not only to your average streetwear feen, but also to the people who keep their heads up and stay up to date with current events. Format takes some time to catch up with the ambitious graphic designer, and finds out what makes him tick.

“I really hate egotistical people, and I really think that Kobe Bryant embodies that kind of egotism.”

Format: Please introduce yourself to Format
Ryan: My name is Ryan Anzures, Creative Director and owner of No 1 of Consequence. I’m a graphic designer who’s been in the industry for about five years. I worked with a bunch of different companies and freelanced until I actually started my own line.

Format: Where you are from, and how you got your start in design?
Ryan: I’m from D.C originally. I went to school in Brooklyn where I got my degree in Graphic Design. Then, through friends and stuff, I started out at Ecko Unlimited. It’s a really small industry so you just learn from other people.

Format: You seem to have an impressive resume, working for companies like Stussy, Nike, etc. At what point in your career did you realize that you should create a brand of your own?
Ryan: Nike flew me out to Hong Kong for their Asia Pacific line they have, and I designed a couple of pieces. Then from there, actually I can’t even remember who I started working with after that, but I eventually started working with Stussy, Paul [Mittleman – Creative Director of Stussy] contacted me from seeing my own personal website online. We’re still working together actually. I also worked with In4mation. I met Randy, one of the co-owners of In4mation through where I work currently at Akademiks. He used to be the Art Director there and I guess he liked my style of work so we just worked together on projects.
It was always in the back of my mind to have my own brand. It’s just a lot of time to actually sit down and develop a theme and the whole concept of the brand and everything.

No. 1 Consequence

Format: There seem to be a growing number of young and fresh t-shirt companies on the rise, what sets No 1 of Consequence apart?
Ryan:I think the themes that I come up with and the messages behind each design sets them apart. I think everybody else is a little watered down in regards to a theme. They jump off certain bandwagons or certain things that are hot right now. What I like to do is actually take things from my personal life. I just really feel like the line is an extension of myself.

Format: “Trust no one” seems to be the motto of No 1 of Consequence, it is all over the website. Is there anything in particular that has happened to you that has sparked these trust issues?
Ryan: I don’t know, I think it is just a running theme. I feel there is a lot of fake people out there that you can’t really trust, and you just gotta keep yourself guarded from other people because they can use personal information about yourself against you, and vice versa. There’s a lot of politics that go on around the world, you just gotta keep yourself guarded sometimes I think.

Format: You mention in the description of your Traitors t-shirt that “heads of state” in particular should not be trusted, is there anyone else who you think should not be trusted?
Ryan: Good question. I don’t know off the top of my head. I guess, nobody- if you want to take the slogan at face value. Political figures right now is a big issue for me.

No. 1 Consequence

Format: Some of your designs are crazy, and have a ton of personality. Are you the sole brainchild behind the designs, or are their a group of you who come up with original ideas.
Ryan: All the designs except for one were done by me. The Two of a Kind t-shirt with George Bush and Saddam Hussein on it was a collaboration between myself and a friend of mine. We worked out that concept together.

Format: A few of your t-shirts definitely reflects No 1 of Consequences’ political opinions. Are politics always something you have had a strong opinion about?
Ryan: It has been consistent throughout my life. I think it is more about rebelling against a sort of system that has power over people, and who take advantage of that power. I think it is more about that than anything else. Any system where it is one group of people telling a bunch of other people what to do and how to act, I’m not really into that kind of system.

Format: In your opinion, what type of people would truly appreciate No 1 of Consequences’ style?
Ryan: I think people that are really involved in politics and more socially aware about certain issues and other people, which tends to be the same people who keep up with the news and pop culture. I think they would get more out of it than the average consumer. People who can really understand the messages behind each of the t-shirts. I try to make the designs so they can work for the average person, they won’t understand the message completely, but there are some dudes that will really understand what the meaning of the t-shirts are.

No. 1 Consequence

Format: Please take Format through No 1 of Consequences’ Season 1 collection.
Ryan: Basically a lot of propaganda against the government and things that are going on in pop culture, things in the past. Like the LA Rapers tee, is probably one of my favorites because I really hate egotistical people, and I really think that Kobe Bryant embodies that kind of egotism. I just wanted to call him out on that, but if I had to sum up the line I would say that it is a mix of the magazines Ego Trip and Adbusters.

Format: At the moment, No 1 of Consequence is a t-shirt line, do you foresee introducing other types of apparel in the near future?
Ryan: Oh yeah definitely. Eventually I would like to, but I’m pretty much the only one fronting the brand right now, it is pretty much an out of my apartment type of thing. Eventually I’d love to do some jeans.

No. 1 Consequence

Format: Which t-shirt do you foresee as being the top seller? Why?
Ryan: I personally like the LA Rapers t-shirt, but I don’t necessarily think that it will be the top seller. I’ve had a big response on the Brandwashed Tee -the one that states “Yo! Dat’s ill Son. Nice Kicks”. Yeah, I have just had a really good response from that t-shirt. It might be from the colors, or maybe it is cause of the message?

Format: Can you give us a sneak peek into what is coming for Season 2?
Ryan: There is gonna be more stuff about racism and just general things that are going on. I’d like to keep the theme of politics consistent throughout each season though.

Format: If No 1 of Consequence were to release a soundtrack, which three songs you would insist be on it?
Ryan: Good question. Probably any Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine track. Also, DJ Shadow has been a little bit political, he did a track that was politically engaged, so his track would be a good fit too.

No. 1 Consequence

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  1. This is some crazy wack Ish* these fools think that they are perfect! Please, you ain’t the man who can judge anyone and plus cause one person has a drive and confidence beyond your belief it makes you mad and hate.
    Plus this crap reminds me of all those Fresh prince tees that some other wack clothing company is putting out. At the same time your trying to make money off of someones else’s mistakes. LOSER!

  2. Good Designs, Got a little bit of that Rockers NYC feel, but still sharp. I’m Diggin the Knicks / No More Nukes shirt. Also Don’t be hating on FP, That was what was happening back then. And without the past there is no future *Insert gong sound*

  3. MAD RAPPA HATA says:

    don’t you see…he’s just trying to incite you foo! he’s clever because he’s making fun of the very thing that he has become.
    there’s a bit of irony to it, huh?

    good work dude! love to pick em up…

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