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The only way to separate the past from the present, the present from the future is by the measurement of time. How do we measure our success, our goals and our progress? We crawl. We walk. We run. We fly. As human beings we place a time on everything but what if we had an unlimited amount of time to accomplish whatever it is that we needed? Would we be as impatient or as hardworking to get the task done? Or would we put time on our wrists, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, stainless steel and style? Maybe, just maybe, we could be a physical reflection of infinite time and a chic image of endless possibilities. According to Canadian native and Brand Manager, Jesse Jones, Marc Ecko Watches and the ‘I Am Unlimited Project’ is living proof that time is on your side. In life, there are no limits. In the world of Marc Ecko Watches – time is infinite.

“Be unlimited. Dare to dream. If you see it, you can achieve it. You just have to have your plan and move toward it.”

Format: Growing up in Milwaukee, I always felt like Marc Ecko was a clothing line that victoriously identified with underground hip-hop culture and did an amazing job of embracing the arts. How much of that is incorporated in the MEW line?
Jesse Jones: The watch line is a definite reflection of the apparel and the art inspiration that shines through it. One of the great things about the Ecko portfolio is its ability to stay true to its core roots.

Format: Understood. Revolutionizing style seems to be a huge portion of the watch line but beyond that, inspiration seems to be the intention of the line. How does the Marc Ecko watch collection trigger encouragement?
Jesse Jones: The line has a range of offerings and can talk to youthful men and women at any point in their lives. You can begin your experience with the line at one end of the spectrum and graduate through various pieces as your style changes or begins to mature. We have pieces in the line that speak to that, and thus it ends up speaking to your progression whilst facilitating growth.

Format: How easy of a task is it to crossover from streetwear into gaining consumers in high end luxury branding?
Jesse Jones: To be totally honest, I don’t see it being that difficult. If you think about it, our consumer is attracted to all of these things. So being a brand that can offer this in one collection makes things easier for him/her. It’s really all about understanding your consumer and with our watch line we look to cater to the individual’s range of style.


Format: Ok. Marc Ecko Enterprises is a billion dollar concern. How do you think basic street-dreams transform into worldwide enterprises?
Jesse Jones: Be unlimited. Dare to dream. If you see it, you can achieve it. You just have to have your plan and move toward it. Marc is living proof of that, and it’s translated in everything the brand carries out.

Format: You had a hand in creating the I Am Unlimited campaign and Gavin Sheppard was chosen as a visual manifestation. What common goals do you guys share and how do they impact humanity?
Jesse Jones: I think we’re just two people that inherently want to do good with the roles we both have in society. That’s what makes this campaign so organic and wholesome. We aren’t force feeding products down anyone’s throats here. In fact, we’re doing the opposite. We are looking to inspire individuals and show that you too can make things happen if you just believe. Gavin’s story with the Remix Project was a perfect way for us to get this message across. You can catch the whole thing in its entirety at

Format: Outside of influencing Canadian sub-cultures, what made The Remix Project something you were willing to bring to Marc Ecko Watches?
Jesse Jones: It was a good fit for us because The Remix Project really stands for constant movement, growth, and progression within one’s self. Our line speaks to these things. I always said that I want to create some of the most authentic unions possible whenever embarking on a new initiative. I feel we’ve done that here.


Format: So, with the increase of sales in cellphones and other mobile hand-held devices, are watches still relevant in regards to the everyday look?
Jesse Jones: Most certainly, because we are not solely in the watch business any longer. We’re an accessory brand. We accentuate style. So our consumer wants to rock his new blackberry with his statement timepiece. They all work together. We bring the whole look full circle.

Format: How do these watches reflect the notion of ‘limitless potential’ and the ‘pursuit of greatness?’
Jesse Jones: It’s all in the design. The carefully hand-crafted edges, the detail on the watch faces, and overall durability have everything to do with the person wearing it. Detail and longevity are key to the growth and potential of any individual.

Format: What makes someone ‘unlimited?’
Jesse Jones: Their dreams.

Format: Agreed. What are some of the trends and styles that separate Marc Ecko watches and other designer watches?
Jesse Jones: I’d say it would have to be the seamless way that we are able to marry, elegant style with a street culture edge.


Format: This line deals with Swarovski crystals – no conflict diamonds. How much of a physical challenge was it, not to incorporate discord diamonds?
Jesse Jones: It wasn’t a challenge in the least. The use of Swarovski crystals was a great way for us to speak to our consumer base and their desire for new and innovative styling while giving them a timepiece that is accessible to them.

Format: The fashion world tends to use the word ‘urban’ to identify with the experience in street culture. What exactly is urban and who plays the role in defining it?
Jesse Jones: Let’s face it, urban has always been used to describe ‘black’ culture, but as we see pop-culture further develop right before our eyes we can see that this ‘idea of cool’ isn’t just a thing for any one particular race. It’s for everyone that lives it, or wants to associate with it in some way. Our line speaks to the individual that walks down a city street each day, to the individual who works out in an office in the suburbs. As long as you identify with style, you’ll find something in our line that you like. I’d go further than urban and say that it is the individual in each of us that plays a role in defining what’s hot. The hottest trends are ignited by individuals willing to step out and make something happen.

Format: These watches are designed to represent a person’s youthfulness and satisfy their desire for style. Beyond the collaborations with the Remix Project, how have you guys reached out to the community and made a direct impact on their lives?
Jesse Jones: In just our first full year here in Canada we’ve taken part in a number of community based initiatives whether it’s through donations, showcasing artistic talent, or as we’ve been discussing here, the creation of campaigns using one of our very own as the focal point. Not only is the brand committed to growth in everyday people, but it’s always been a desire of mine to also do positive work with the opportunities I have before me. It’s a blessing to be doing what I’m doing and sharing it with the world.

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