Those feeling the heat from the current economic downturn can turn to JackThreads for both financial and sartorial relief. JackThreads is an invitation-only online destination for dramatically discounted streetwear. They offer one extremely low priced item at a time for the duration of one day. Email alerts inform members of featured sale items that are discounted at least 50% off retail price. It comes as a surprise that JackThreads does not charge for membership considering the desirable lineup of brand names that are featured. Labels like Dunderdon, WeSC, Mishka and Beautiful Decay are all on the roster. An additional bonus is the $10 credit awarded to members when one of their referred guests makes a purchase. So who is responsible?

Hailing out of Columbus, Ohio JackThreads emerged due to the entrepreneurial efforts of one Jason Ross. On the grind since July of 2008, Jason and his team have been establishing contacts and improving their offerings. Thankfully, they are sharing the love so that members can get in on the action from the comforts of home without going broke.

So affordable you’ll feel like you jacked it – without the guilt.

“We try to stay pretty close with each company we work with to ensure they are happy with how they are being represented to our community.”

Format: Who are the founders of JackThreads and what was the motivation behind its creation?
JackThreads: JackThreads.com was founded by myself (Jason Ross): a Columbus, Ohio based entrepreneur and street-fashion enthusiast. The motivation behind the creation of the business was the fact that I couldn’t find the brands and products that I wanted at sale prices. I always saw outlet shops for every other fashion niche, including high-end designer fashion, but it was never really selling the brands that I wanted. I was, and still am a streetwear consumer, but I was always more of an aspiring consumer…not willing to spend the big bucks on the latest craze. I would wait around to see if I could find it a bit cheaper. JackThreads is a representation of my personality, my interests, and meeting the needs of a problem for both the consumer and the brands we work with.

Format: How do you choose and secure the brands you represent?
JackThreads: We choose and secure the brands we work with through a number of methods. First off, we are the customer. We are in the market; we follow the blogs; we follow the UBIQs, and Karmaloops of the world, so we have an advantage, in that this is our interest. We seek out the obvious top-tier brands in streetwear, however we’re also always on the look for quality garments and brands who bring something truly unique to the table with their creativity/message/and quality of product. It took us two years before we launched to gain the trust of the brands that we represent, as we came to the table with something different and I don’t think at first people took us too seriously. Now that we’re up and running, and have some credible relationships behind us, we’ve got brands who often come to us.

Format: How are you able to offer deep discounts without sacrificing the quality, currency or authenticity of the merchandise?
JackThreads: While we do offer discounted product, we’ve really tried to design our site in a way that doesn’t appear as an outlet shop. The fact that our sales have timeliness to them is also a feature that makes it a bit more of a discreet method of distribution, for the brands we work with. Also, when a brand works with JackThreads their product is being sold along side parallel brands that it would be sold next to in a more traditional retail format. We’re definitely a bit more picky in our efforts to offer products and brands that parallel one another so as to prevent sacrificing the image that our brand partners have worked so hard to maintain.

Format: What makes JackThreads a better option for brands looking to sell excess merchandise?
JackThreads: JackThreads allows brands to offer their product to a hungry community of thousands of streetwear enthusiasts patiently waiting to see what new products we’re dropping every day. This benefits a brand two fold. 1. They can take their previous season product and put it in the hands of the customer in a short window of time. 2. Every brand that we launch has a buzz around it, so it’s great brand awareness not just around the product we’re selling but around the brand as a whole.

Format: What differentiates JackThreads from other online retailers catering to a similar demographic?
JackThreads: The pricing and the business model that we’re offering can’t really be found in the streetwear retail niche. That definitely differentiates us.

Format: The street wear fashion market moves fast. How do you keep up?
JackThreads: We keep up with the market by keeping a close eye on what’s going on- just through our own interests and research- also through maintaining strong relationships with our brand partners. I’m pretty confident that we could go to any one of our partners and have a strong referral made to any new brands we’re seeking out. We try to stay pretty close with each company we work with to ensure they are happy with how they are being represented to our community.

Format: How do you become a member of the JackThreads community?
JackThreads: You can become a member of the JackThreads community by gaining exclusive access through the link we’ve given to FormatMag! This allows you to instantly access our sales. For the most part however users can be invited by a current member, or can sign up through our website and wait until we open membership up to more and more people. This could take some time however.

Format: Interest in street fashion has exploded – with coveted must-haves selling out in minutes. What are your thoughts on the growth of this market?
JackThreads: I think the growth of streetwear is a long time coming. With the intersection of hip hop/pop culture/extreme sports/etc.,it was inevitable that streetwear would break out into a respected niche within fashion. I really think it’s here to stay for a while as we’re seeing the influence it’s having on a daily basis within other fashion niches. You see the influence from mall brands all the way up to high end designer luxury.

Format: What are your plans for the future, specifically with regards to growth?
JackThreads: Our plans for the future include continuing to bring on the best brands in the streetwear and premium contemporary niche, and continuing to let the people know we’re out there. JackThreads is for the brands and for the people, so we’re working hard to push our message to both parties. Our members will definitely see a lot of updates and improvements with our website, and the products and partners we’re working with.

For Jason’s exclusive Format x JackThreads offer, click here.

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  1. Hey Liz.
    This is so kool!
    I showed mom and she was really impressed :)
    keep up the good work, and i miss you alot <3

  2. This is a great article! I’m very excited about JackThreads and their growth. Thanks, Liz for uncovering and helping to communicate their vision

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