No Homer: 10 Hip-Hop and Rap Icons Simpsonized

Following up on the success of Lego Hip Hop Album Covers, Format Presents: No Homer – Hip Hop Icons Simpsonized. The set features Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Flava Flav, Eazy E, Andre 3000, Eminem, and Fat Joe alongside iconic O representations for each artist.

Designed by Moxy Creative the posse shot is available in hi-res for download. For any inquiries relating to the project, e-mail Glenn.


  1. lil wayne… really? they are cool illustrations though.
    The hip icon debate could wage forever.. some could say you wouldn’t draw anyone after around 1995 but hey its all just a matter of opinion.

  2. idk, personally I feel like these designs are reallllllly uninspired.

    Which actually says a lot considering how exceptionally derivative this is on so many levels.

    I mean, honestly, with the source material they were working with, I expected a lot more.

    The shadows are cheesy and poorly done. Plus you can tell that when they went in to compile the ‘group shot’ that the shadows were getting in the way.

    So what did they do?

    They replaced the cheesy shadows with cheesy reflections, to give it that ‘slick’ look over an off-white background.

    TOOO EASY!!!!!

    The characters are drafted JUST well enough to be recognizable and do this by relying far too heavily on their borrowed iconography.

    And don’t tell me ‘oh that’s the point’ and all that other weak, half-assed post-post-post-modern bullshit.

    That’s no excuse for being weak with your craft and turning in some really poorly drafted characters. Biggie in particular looks terrible… It’s boarder-line disrespectful.

    There’s nothing that separates someone who turns in this kind of work from someone on NewGrounds making a DBZ-style Sonic The Hedgehog/Super Mario crossover. Except the animator on NewGrounds will probably end up spending more time on his or her derivative product. And probably doesn’t expect to make any money doing it.

    Or have the audacity to sell prints.

    Just remember this: You’ve brought nothing new to the table. Matt Groening fathered you.

    As/in these ‘design solutions’ of yours spilled right out of his nutz.



  3. Nas and Jigga have a baby will he be called Nigga? Jiggas? or Najig? says:

    @ Random Hater and Mooncatand Topbananas,

    Get over it. Jay-Z is the most overrated rapper in the history of rap. Yes he’s a great lyricist with good delivery, but he is far from even being in the top 5 alive. That being said, he should be there because he is definitely in the top 10.

    And better than Jigga is Nas. Funny how noone mentioned that.

    Nas, Cube, Jay-Z, Dre should replace Fat Joe, Flava Flav and Snoop Dogg.

    You can hate Wayne all you want (which listening to his music, people have every right to) but he is loved by millions and represents the South. Unless you replace him with Scarface, T.I or someone else, it would be biased.

    Snoop shouldn’t be there since he is/was/will be living off just one album – Doggystyle. And it’s better to replace him with Dre or Cube.

    Flava Flav? Seriously?

    And didn’t get the juice icon in Tupac’s picture. And snoop should have had a pimp hat and not an ashtray. In fact that does look a lot more like a pimp hat.

  4. lil wayne… he’s a rocker wannabe now, and mastered the art of auto-tune by now. This image is missing Jay-Z and Nas..

  5. @ nas and jigga baby dude..

    this thing was aight.. coulda replaced fat joe and flav.. but with who?

    NaS and Rakim.


  6. Humorous at least mildly.. lil wayne is far off tho. shoulda gave him alien antennas or sumthin. diz woulda been doper wit gucci an juiceman dow since gucci pay homage wit da sick bart chain dat few can top.. Aaay Ookay

  7. this is a good review of icons but a few niggas need to be replaced.
    FAT JOE with JAY Z because he did more for NY than joe did.
    EAZY E needs to be replaced with either DR.DRE or ICE CUBE
    because they were apart of NWA too and Cube become far better lyricist
    who personafied “Gangsta rap” and the West Coast with “Boyz n the hood”
    and “Amerikka’z most wanted”. Dre’s just a good producer and businessman
    with 50 cent & em.
    NAS or CHUCK D should replace Flavor Flav.

  8. Fat Joe over Jay-Z or NAS?? WTF! Tupac, Biggie, Eazy-E, Snoop are the only ones that really deserve to be there.

    You could make a case for Eminem. But Fat Joe, no fucking way. Same goes for Flavor Flav.

    They should have at least added 50 Cent as well. He did a lot for rap and hip-hop.

    The sad part is, 3 of them are already dead. Pac, B.I.G. and Eazy RIP.

  9. Anyone Who Saids Eazy Shouldn’t Be On there can Suck A Fat Dick Eazy Made N.W.A Started Dre And Cubes Career In The Musick Biz Without Eric These Niggas Would Be Nutin Period No Comma. That’s Why The Crowned Him The Godfather Of Gangsta Rapper Kuz He Brought It To The Masses

  10. Everyone’s opinion is really appreciated and all of the people mentioned as additions would be awesome. Jay-Z, Dre, Cube, Nas, Chuck D, Busta, RZA, Scarface, T.I. – these guys are all definitely legends.

    Keep in mind though, that we’re not saying these are ‘the 10 biggest icons in hip-hop’ – they’re just 10 hip-hop icons we felt would look cool as Simpsons. Can’t even imagine what you’d be saying if we’d went ahead with Lil Jon!

  11. Where did you get the idea to do this? Was it Springfield Smokeout which has been around for almost 2 years and features far more Simpsons rappers than you have here? I believe it probably was. On a related note, these ones are far less detailed than the Springfield Smokeout ones are and there are far less of them.

  12. Not for nothin’ Mr. Derp, but Springfield Smokeout is fucking wack. Even if they did get the idea from that, they improved on the concept. And they aren’t trying to sell it on shitty t-shirts. You took existing characters and just made them into the rapper. Why the fuck does Busta Rhymes look like sideshow bob or Gza look exactly like a black mr burns? Yeah, that took a lot of ability. GTFO

  13. @ Nas and jigga….
    this is only my assumption, but…the juice box over 2pac’s head is probably a reference to the movie “juice” probably because that movie is what basically went on to make him into a hip hop icon. no one else could’ve protrayed bishop as well as he did at the time and that’s the persona 2pac took on from then until the end of his career.

  14. The Good ones are:
    2pac, Eazy-E, Notorios BIG, Snoop (Ya he should be on there) and maybe Andre 3k or Kanye West.
    The rest are all jokes
    Eminem is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too overrated and he cant rap.
    LIL WAYNE?????? Really? Lil Wayne JUST DESTROYED IT even if it had a chance of being good.
    I thought that was Big Pun then said ok but read it said FAT JOE? PFFFFT
    Who the hell is Flava Flav?
    This list is missing:
    1. Jay-Z (Even if this would go by “Popular” and not Best, Jay-Z have to be there
    3. Rakim
    4. Nas
    5. LL Cool J
    6. A member from Wu Tang
    7. 50 Cent
    8. A Member From Bone Thugz N Harmoney
    9. Big Pun
    10. Scarface

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