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Comic book fans are an impatient and fickle lot. Summer blockbuster season can sometimes seem a long time away, so what do they do to while away those eight months? Most go to forums and bitch about everything from the interpretation of the source material to the director, but a few brave and eager souls choose to make their own costumes and step in front of the camera themselves.

While the bean counters at major studios are often more worried about which characters will make good action figures than about which continuity the screenwriters took their inspiration from, the independent filmmakers behind the following clips care only about seeing their favorite book faithfully adapted, frame for frame on the big screen.

Now, that great distributor of information – The Internet – has made it possible for Joe The Comic Book Conoissuer to re-imagine those classic storylines as he sees fit. And the artistry of fan films does not end with the amateur . Youtube creaks under the weight of homemade trailers (of varying quality) and a glut of parody videos (again, of varying quality). Format spent an afternoon – well, half a lunchbreak, actually – trawling the web just to bring you the good, the bad and so very ugly of fan made films.

Thundercats trailer

Someone really wants to see a Thundercats live action picture. So much so that he watched 30 or 40 odd films and then set about splicing footage together to make, his own pretty epic promo footage.

Teeside Tin Tin

An utter bastardization of all that is sweet and innocent about Herge’s boy detective. Teeside Tin Tin reimagines the betufted Belgian as a brawler from North East England. For those not familiar with the Teeside lexicon, Urban Dictionary may be of use. The four letter words, however, mean the same in every language.

Funny Or Die – Lex Luthor Bailout

Even celebrities are getting in on the act. Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame, plays the embattled megalomaniac, Lex Luthor, looking for his piece of the US bailout.

Grayson: Trailer

Clocking in at 5 minutes – The trailer for Grayson is one of the best examples of fan made film youtube has to offer. Telling the story of Dick ‘Robin’ Grayson taking over the role of Gotham’s protector in the wake of Batman’s death. Sure, there’s over-acting and some questionable dialogue, but it’s kinda worth it to have all these contractually bound characters share screentime.

Green Lantern Trailer

The Rolls Royce of Fan Made Teaser Trailers. There is no room for creaky dialogue, just a whole bunch of CGI-candy and the promise of Sinestro. What else do you need?

Superman How It Should Have Ended

So sometimes logic takes a bit of a break when comic books are involved. It’s only to be expected in a world where role models habitually wear their underpants over their trousers.

Transformers – Dubbed

Dr. Smoov has built a bit of a rep for himself by inappropriately touching random 80’s cartoons (see also his G.I. Joe video for Junior M.A.F.I.A’s Get Money). In this clip, Transformers get the treatment, with Optimus Prime awaking from a long deactivation to find that things aren’t quite as he left them.

Legend Of Zelda – April Fools Trailer

Not strictly a comic book fan film, but it had to be included just for the sheer effort that must have gone into shooting the whole thing. And then it turned out to be an elaborate April Fool, anyway…

Patient J – trailer

This one is the arthouse movie of the bunch. More cerebral than the other offerings on the list, Patient J buys the viewer a ticket to the psychological rollercoaster that is the psyche of Batman’s nemesis. From Bat In The Sun Films

Marvel Vs. DC

A take off of – you guessed it – The Mac Vs. PC commercials. Released around summer 2008 when Iron Man and Batman went head to head in the multiplexes, even Jesus puts in an appearance to confirm The Dark Knight’s “awesomeness”

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