Format 2008 Wrap-Up

Format rounds up 2008 (albeit a bit late) with Top 10 lists from our friends and family. See why you are the reason the Internet is killing sneakers, why not to get on a plane with the owners of Hoodman, how Mishka lights up the evenings in NYC, and why Format is only the third best blog on the Internet :(

Read on for brilliant commentary from Behance, Create Build Destroy, Chuck Anderson, Elitaste, Hoodman, Mishka, Nick Catchdubs, NSB, Prestel Publishing, STIRLING, Strictly Fitted’s and XLarge on the best, worst, and most random of 2008!

Behance’s Top 10 Typographic Works of 2008
Create Build Destroy’s Top 10 Blogs and Magazines of 2008
Create Build Destroy’s Top 10 Odds and Ends from 2008
Chuck Anderson’s Most Intriguing Artists of 2008
Elitaste’s Top 10 Left Field Things of 2008
Hoodman’s Top 10 Cultural Commentary Tees of 2008
Mishka’s Top 10 Kaiju of 2008
Mishka’s Top 10 Things to Get Stoned to in 2008
Nick Catchdubs’s Top 10 Hats of 2008
NSB’s Top 10 Ways the Internet Will Destroy the Sneaker Scene
Prestel Publishing’s Top 10 Graffiti and Street Art Books of 2008
STIRLING’s Top 10 Music Videos of 2008
Strictly Fitted’s Top 10 Fitteds of 2008
XLarge’s Top 10 Not A Good Look From 2008

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