Dirtty Bones

Dirtty Bones

Tired of rocker-inspired spike collars and studded leashes, singularly named Lascar of Dirtty Bones dog-wear has created a new line of accessories for urban pooches. Although his controversial grills, muzzles and leashes can make vilified bull breeds appear ferocious, Lascar stresses that his products are strictly about a new form of Hilton-free doggystyle, and are meant to have a sense of humor.

With an increase in media attention focusing on pitbull-related injuries and a recent celebrity animal-abuse case rooted in dogfight gambling, Lascar’s items have also brought attention to an important animal rights issue. Format got down and Dirtty with Lascar, and asked his opinion on dogfights, puppy fashion and recent Pitbull bans in a variety of cities including his current hometown, Montreal.

“Once your dog has Dirtty Bones on it and you’re walking down the street, people are going to break their necks to look at you.”

Format: Introduce yourself and your company Dirtty Bones.
Lascar: My name is Lascar, and I am the owner of Dirtty Bones, the first company doing hip-hop dog accessories in the world.

Format: Describe some of your products for our readers.
Lascar: We are really proud of introducing the first grills for dogs. Our 2007 collection features what we think are the three main styles in the hip-hop community: The camo style, the bandana style and the bling-bling style.

Format: And Dirtty Bones is a division of Lascar Inc., what does Lascar Inc. do?
Lascar: Right now we are focusing on Dirtty Bones, but Lascar has many other aspirations. We are going to focus in creative design, we want to have a major company that not only deals with dog accessories, but, also, clothing. We want to do lingerie for women and then we really want to expand, with a recording studio, perhaps a label, go into the movies, we want to be involved with everything that is hip-hop.

Dirtty Bones

Format: What inspired you? Other than an interest in hip-hop, what drove you to create products for dogs?
Lascar: I own two dogs and one day I was looking for something that would fit my own personal style and my dog. All I found were accessories with studs, you know, silver studs. When I saw that, I was like, that‘s not for me, that’s for someone who’s into heavy metal or punk rock music. Not for someone who is living the hip-hop lifestyle.

Format: How do you select your materials?
Lascar: We only work with the finest materials. Our grills are metal and plated with 18k gold, and the rhinestones in the grills are Swarovski – the finest rhinestones in the world.

Format: There’s no denying your products give dogs a tough exterior – and you use a majority of bull breeds in your advertisements and product photos. Who are you marketing your product to with these images?
Lascar: We are trying to connect with the hip-hop community, to people who live a hip-hop lifestyle.

Format: Are you familiar with Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick’s recent dog-fighting charges?
Lascar: Oh yes, yes.

Dirtty Bones

Format: Vick was indicted on charges of dogfight gambling and animal rights violations including hanging, shooting, drowning, beating and even electrocuting losing fight-dogs to death. These are the dogs that you are creating products for – what is the Dirtty Bones stance on this kind of abuse?
Lascar: These fights and the reputation these dogs get, this is why they are banned in some places. Both of my dogs – Rose and Sugar – are bull terriers, and they are rescues. My youngest is a rescue straight out of dogfights. When I got her, her skin was disgusting, she was 39 pounds when she used to be 60 pounds – she was in really bad shape. I had someone tell me she needed to be rescued, so I took her. My other dog is from a rescue shelter.

As you know we are a starting company, we are trying to establish ourselves, and for now we’re not as big as some companies, but as soon as we get bigger we want to donate to dog shelters, animal rescues and go even further by putting together a show with hip-hop artists in cities where people are thinking of banning the pitbull breed. Right now, in Chi-Town, they want to ban Pitbulls. Do you know this? People put together a show, have fun, but talk about this issue. That’s what we want, with hip-hop artists, you know, when we get bigger.

Format: Have you ever been to a dog fight?
Lascar: This is something – I cannot comment.

Format: Are your products meant to appeal to people who participate in dogfight gambling?
Lascar: No. People who are into urban culture and people who want to have style with their dogs are who we’re marketing to. My products are targeted to the hip-hop community, but by asking if we are targeting the dog fighting people and at the same time talking about the hip-hop community, that’s not good, because that stereotypes this community, you know what I mean? Also, how can we be marketing to people who are interested in dogfights, when the dogs in the pictures are wearing muzzles – how can two dogs fight in muzzles? It makes no sense.

Dirtty Bones

Format: So the products are more of a novelty item?
Lascar: Yes, exactly. Whether you have a dog that fights, or a friendly dog, the person who owns the dog – if he’s into hip-hop culture, by the way he dresses or else his lifestyle – now we can really put some kind of relationship between that guy and his dog. Once your dog has Dirtty Bones on it and you’re walking down the street, people are going to break their necks to look at you, but they won’t see you and your pitbull, they’ll see one element, and this element is from the street.

Also, there are some areas of Montreal that ban pitbulls, in Ontario it’s even worse. Where I grew up, there are places you need your dog to be on the leash and with a muzzle every time you go out, so it works for that, but with a street style. People want to approach your dog more with the grills and the muzzles on. It helps people learn about the dogs that in some places are banned.

Format: The grills, especially, they make a kind of joke out of banning dogs with these reputations, maybe poke a little fun at people who may think your dog is dangerous.
Lascar: Yes. People approach my dogs more when she has her muzzle, because she is safer that way and the grills, people break their necks to look.

Format: Where did you grow up?
Lascar: I’m straight from the gutter.

Format: What gutter, exactly?
Lascar: It’s all the same. Whether it’s Brazil or New York, it’s the same. When you are in the hip-hop lifestyle, whether you are in the ghetto of New York or the ghetto of Brazil, you’re in the same life, there’s no difference. When you travel, when you get in the ghetto, it’s the same sight. Things are different, sure, but it’s still the same feeling.

Dirtty Bones

Format: On a lighter note, it’s refreshing to see a company take a step in the opposite direction of Hilton-inspired doggy wear. Your designs are edgy, and geared toward large dogs. Do you plan to design for smaller animals?
Lascar: We are working on this now, but it is a process because production for animals in very different from production for humans. To make things safe – there’s a more technical aspect. The person who does the patterns, she has more than 25 years of experience, but it’s like really a challenge for her to do it, just to cut the pieces.

Format: Do you have any high profile clientele?
Lascar: We are in the works with some pretty high profile people you may know, but we can’t name drop just yet.

Format: One more thing, Lascar, tell us the truth – what are dog fights like?
Lascar: They’re, they’re – there’s a lot of blood.

Dirtty Bones

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  1. I own resqued fighting pits and your product doesnt help the image people already have of the pitbull looking vicious. It just adds to the sterotype.

    Mabe if you lose the sharp knashing gold toothed muzzles it would help. But I know your in it for the money and not the dogs so my post probably wont be left up long. But just think about it!

    Helives & Bull,Deogi & Sasha

  2. maybe interesting for gay dog owners …

    that’s some media-radio-fashion-bling-crap but ain’t got nuttin to do with hiphop.

    the shit you’re producing …. we’ll steal it! :D

    that’s hiphop!


  3. scraping bottom says:

    with all due respect for the true artists in hip hop, it has BECOME a sess pool of consumer driven, corporate sell out, brand name chasing,logo lusting,violence promoting,base instint satisfiing, PRODUCT on the market.
    instead of using their massive influence on youth cultute, to inform and elevate, they drag them down with
    pimp culture, getto mentality. instead of bringing down the brand name slave trade,aaaaimport market, they become walking bill boards for the junk (nike). fans keep putting your $ on nothing, o , and go buy more rims, that how you judge a man in hip hop, his rims his golds and his clothes. give up grow or wake up. power to the people that dont end up like sheep.

  4. Julie Bickle says:

    Obviously your an idiot . How can you say you rescue dogs yet you have been to dog fights . You are an insult to the human race and to every dog breed . I am glad i found your site because i will tell everyone i know not to buy your trash and why and soon i hope you can share a cell with mike dick oops i mean vick .

  5. Hmmmmm. so we should dress our 12-year-old daughters to look like “hos”, put prison tattoos on our 9-year-old sons to look like thugs, and drape canvas and plastic on otherwise “normal” dogs to make them look like cartoons? I think it’s a good thing most folks will be just plain too smart to fall for this attempt to skim some money off a “movement” that lost it’s momentum LONG before the likes of R. Kelly anyhow…. saying it’s “anti-Hilton” is meaningless…. dwessing up your “doggy-kins” is STILL “dwessing up your doggy-kins”, but at least (in this case) it WILL point out who has more money than sense, and who is a “wannabe” as opposed to “the real deal” – I’m a middle-aged white guy, and (twust me, tuffguy!) these are the most ridiculous things I’ve EVER seen!

  6. Sick of Crap Like This says:

    It’s idiots like you who add fuel to the fire. The stereotype is already there. Why in the hell would you want to go and demonize the breed even more? Oh, that’s right…to make money. And how can you talk about rescuing when you yourself have obviously attended dog fights.

    If you do indeed own rescue fighting dogs then how in the hell could you vilify them even more? You obviously care nothing about the breed.

    I’ll be spreading the word about your company…but it won’t be positive.

    People like you make me sick.

  7. First of all, if a scary pit bull came up to me wearing this, I would probably laugh. Second, as an owner of two APBTs, this kind of thing makes me sick. What kind of image are you people trying to convey with your dogs? I don’t care if you rescued, or adopted a pit bull, you are doing more damage to pit bulls than you are helping them look “cool.” I hope your company goes bankrupt.

  8. i don’t agree with dog fight at all!!! but i love the dog accessories!! i want some for my pittie how do i get it!!

  9. I like your product, and i like the idea of making money while tring to make a fashion statment for the Pitbull Breed. People that feel other wise about your product are ignorent and dont know what they are talking about its a product for a breed and hiphop culture nothing more but a preference. People like to disect things and make it more than what it really is. I can go on for ever but im out. I will be buying your product soon!!! E-mail me with info plz

  10. Hi love your products they are not just fashionable but practical has well. plz let me know where i can buy them asap.thank you

  11. Your products are amazing…i live in montreal and i was wondering where i could find some of these products for my dogs

  12. HOW can someone who loves dogs and wants to make them look prettier – how can he EVER support and go to such vile events as dogfights? this is horrible.

  13. I love how uppity certain people are getting over this, it just shows suburbanites who rescue pit bulls may be decent people who love dogs but they really, really don’t want the public reminded that pit bulls are commonly associated with stereotypically “non-white” culture! Like the guy said, these are not fighting dogs, they’re wearing muzzles, but those offended don’t actually care whether the muzzle’s comfortable and functional or not, they’re just getting their panties in a twist because heaven forbid anyone see a pit bull wearing a grill and associate that with their dog. People might see you walking your pit and think you listen to rap, gasp! Whatever, I like the gold leash.

  14. dog fighting mite be cool to you that like to fight them but in side the dog they are afrad of you and the dog this dog does not deserv it i am only 11 years old and i know that what you are doing to this dog is not right if you do i=this all for money or drags frist think about the dog

  15. if thats the kind of hood sh*t you lkike to wear then fine. dont dress your dog up in it.

    and Liza, you clearly dont live in suburbia and neither do i but it doesnt mean you need to look or act like a hood rat, neither should your dog.

  16. “Once your dog has Dirtty Bones on it and you’re walking down the street, people are going to break their necks to look at you.”

    yeah because you are so fucking stupid that has thatthing och your dog you idiots

  17. ‘Also, how can we be marketing to people who are interested in dogfights, when the dogs in the pictures are wearing muzzles – how can two dogs fight in muzzles? It makes no sense’. -This is just like in boxing when guys come into the arena with all the bling, belts, etc. Obviously the muzzles come off before the fight.

    These products are disgraceful. I can’t wait for the charity work to kick in. Yeah right! Keep me updated on that one.

  18. i just feel hella sad for these dogs they look hella sad never would i put my pitbull in and of this crazy shit. no for me. pitbulls already have a bad stigma to them this is the last thing that they need. thanks idiots for making it.

  19. Steve Arsenault says:

    To all you retards trashing this guy shut the fuck up, I have 3 pits and to go out in public you get a fine for not having a muzzle especially when you have a bully style pit like mine and if I can get something that looks a lot better than the cage style muzzle which just reinforces ignorant peoples stereotype of these dogs then I’m going to. I’m just as much against dog fights as any dog lover.

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