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Initially launched as a music store, Boundless NY has intensified into an all encompassing streetwear shop, selling everything from vinyl records, magazines, and books, to quality apparel, kicks, and plenty more. Carrying over 50 brands, this Brooklyn based shop is a paradise for your lifestyle needs. Boasting an in-store market extending to an online business, Boundless NY is accessible to anyone with a sense of style and/or an internet connection. Also, because of the close ties Boundless has established with their designers, they are able to deliver more than just a trendy product: they are able to hook you up with a bit of background on your purchase, directly from the designer, which makes them stand apart from other urban shops exploding in N.Y.

Boundless is a place where you can go to say what’s up, chill, and buy your favorite gear before anyone else does.

Format: The concept of providing customers with the history behind their purchased item is an additional bonus to the product itself. Is it difficult to get ahold of the product maker?
Boundless NY: Not really, we are and have been involved with the people that make up these brands. This industry is a small enough community that through trade shows and the people we grew up with, we know how to get ahold of the right people. We used to do a segment called ‘5 Questions on The Boundless Blog’ with some people that we have close connections with. Check out the archives for more info about the brands you love that we carry on Boundless NY.

Format: Is Boundless NY selective of which manufacturers you are willing to sell in the store? If so, what does the filtering process entail?
Boundless NY: You have to develop your core customers with the brands that you select in the store. We have such a diverse client base and customers look to us to find trend-setting gear. The filtering process is simple. If we like what you are doing, then we will approach your brand and try to offer Boundless as a place for you to showcase what you are doing. We try to carry quality products from brands that not every other store carries, and have a reasonable price point.

Format: How often is the stock replenished?
Boundless NY: Brands operate and deliver on the four seasons; spring, summer, fall and Holiday. Not every brand releases products for all the seasons, but that gives you a good, general idea of when you will see new products on Boundless. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter, twitter page and new product RSS feed to stay up to date on new products and happenings with Boundless NY.


Format: Does Boundless NY generate more profit through the actual, retail store or through the online market?
Boundless NY: Our online store is just another way for us to diversify our brand and our income. If we didn’t have the online aspect of Boundless, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Its open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can’t beat that. We have a great site that keeps developing to enhance our customers’ experiences. Boundless is all about the customer; we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our loyal following. On the flip side, now everyone has a website and is selling online, which creates more competition. We like to partner up with brands that don’t really want to see their stuff being sold on or some other site that isn’t really a good fit for their brand. Boundless works as a place to help the brands translate their message and lifestyle. We aren’t just trying to make a quick buck off your brand; we want to be a place to help you build directly with your customers.

Format: We see that Boundless NY sells commercialized, established brands, among other labels. Why doesn’t Boundless strictly sell merchandise from fresh, innovative, underground designers?
Boundless NY: We have been selling brands that were fresh, innovative, and underground before they became million dollar businesses. Right now we’re trying to focus our buying and move forward with brands that we see eye to eye with. No one is counted out. But it’s a hard game to make money only selling brands that no one has heard of. It’s all about balance.

Format: What seems to sell the most?
Boundless NY: The Hundreds, King Stampede, Mishka, 10Deep, UNDFTD are all brands that perform well for us. Right now reasonable price points and quality products are moving. It’s the same old basic supply and demand concept. People still have money, but now more than ever, they just need an incentive to spend it with us.

Format: Boundless NY Radio already exists; are you hoping to add some other elements to the retail store? Perhaps set up an in-store recording booth?
Boundless NY: We have a bunch of in-store events planned. Did you catch BET‘s The Deal video show at Boundless last week? Boundless Radio will continue to operate and we might even have a few shows from inside the store. Eventually, we are looking to expand our retail presence when the time is right. Right now we are doing what we can with what we have.


Format: Do you find it difficult to stay afloat since there are a good number of street wear shops dispersed throughout New York City? What makes Boundless NY stand apart?
Boundless NY: We are diverse. We cover a lot of different ground selling online, out of our brick and mortar shop in Brooklyn. You need as many outlets as possible to make your money right now. Everyone on our team is diverse in their skill sets. We have people that are going above and beyond to help us out, to make money. That’s how we make ends meet and why we are different. Boundless is a place where you can go to say what’s up, chill, and buy your favorite gear before anyone else does.

Format: Where are you hoping to take Boundless NY in the future?
Boundless NY: We have a bunch of different projects on the horizon for Boundless. We just Beta launched our Boundless Community last month, and have some long-term plans for that. The actual Boundless store is just over two years old. We are building a solid community following here in Brooklyn and are getting involved with the community, giving back to the kids and the people that keep us in business. Kids are literally growing up around Boundless. It’s a cool thing to watch.

Format: Does Boundless NY have their own clothing line? If not is that in the works?
Boundless NY: We run the clothing label King Stampede. And our Boundless team and the KS crew are all family. Everything we are doing is based on our lifestyle turned into a business. This includes Vinyl Connect, King Stampede, Boundless NY, and so on. King Stampede came slightly after Vinyl Connect, but before Boundless NY. We have a few Boundless exclusive products that are out, our Boundless NY Logo New Era and some music releases are planned for the future. Check this from our talented team behind Boundless and King Stampede.

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