Bonde do Role

Bonde do Role

If the Muppets dropped ecstasy and had an orgy, it’d be a hell of a lot like watching a Bonde do Role live show! MCs Pedro D’eyrot and Marina Ribatski bounce around stage, shouting filthy rap lyrics in Brazilian, their audiences only able to decipher the meaning of said lyrics through Marina’s flagrant humping as she dangles a cock-esque microphone between her legs, playfully ramming it into Pedro’s bouncing backside.

Behind them, Rodrigo Gorky, the band’s quirky and energetic DJ, spins a fuck-you mix dedicated to all copyrighted artists as he mashes familiar favorites from just about every band on your `80s mix tape. Then, Rodrigo adds enough screeching distortion to give Marina’s animal shrieks a musical shelter, of sorts – a distorted wall of sound to bounce off, a lot like the little Muppet herself. Format catches up with Rodrigo Gorky – ripping him away from his grueling tour schedule (and shitty network TV) – to get his perspective on live show injuries, sexy homeless people, Desperate Living and the lack of difference between a male and female asshole in the bedroom. No, really.

“I just don’t know what happens there – besides getting horny all the time, even the homeless people are very hot.”

Format: First off, go ahead and introduce yourself, Gorky. Give us a little bit on what you and your band bring to your audience.
Gorky: Hello, I’m Gorky, DJ of this wonderful Brazilian band called Bonde do Role and we bring peace love and a lot of fun to the rest of the world.

Format: I was fortunate enough to catch your totally ape-shit show at Sonar in Baltimore and Marina was covered in bruises from crashing around on stage so much! Any serious show-related injuries while on tour?
Gorky: Besides Marina breaking her arm last year, bruises and smaller injuries is all we have at the moment – all the time!

Format: Speaking of Baltimore and ape-shit, I read on your Myspace blog that you’re big fans of director John Waters. Any favorite movie of his that stands out?
Gorky: Yes! Omg! I’m, like, his biggest fan! All his movies are great, but I think Desperate Living is my favorite, Mink Stole really stood out on that movie.

Format: I love Desperate Living. It’s got everything a good Bonde de Role song does: crime, cocks, sex changes and even a princess with rabies.
Gorky: Trust me, when we tell people we’re hugely influenced by Mr. Waters, no one believes us! That movie has it all. It’s sexual, but at the same time funny as hell.

Format: You guys had the Baltimore crowd seriously pumped. That can be hard to do at that venue. Have you had any shows where the audience didn’t really get into the show?
Gorky: We always have one or two people in the crowd expecting a proper Brazilian act going onstage, believe it or not. And when they see just a bunch of kids, without no instruments and a lot of screaming, they just leave the room annoyed, waiting for the next time Gilberto Gil plays in their area.

“Either people know how to sing all the lyrics – even better than us – or just go to boo us when we get onstage. Either way it’s fun.”

Format: How is the Brazilian reaction to your music versus the various tour reactions?
Gorky: It’s completely different. Over here people do know what we’re singing about and over here is all about complete devotion or complete hate for us. There’s no ‘I kind of like that one song,’ no. Either people know how to sing all the lyrics – even better than us – or just go to boo us when we get onstage. Either way it’s fun.

Format: What city responded the most to your live show?
Gorky: Crazy Sweden. I just don’t know what happens there – besides getting horny all the time, even the homeless people are very hot.

Format: If you had to choose, would you rather a fan buy your CD, or come to your show?
Gorky: Come to the show, then buy the CD. Or make a donation. It worked in Sweden! We had no merchandise to sell over there, so we accepted any money in exchange for some Bonde do Role love. In the end of the night, after French kissing almost the entire crowd, we’ve made about 70 euros!

Format: Hah, you’ll get mono! You’ve been touring a ton lately, and have recently made the decision to settle in London. Why England?
Gorky: Because Pedrito and Marina are both in love and they both date people who lives in London. So I kinda had to agree on moving there instead of crazy Berlin. Maybe next year?

Format: If I remember correctly, Marina was wearing blue shiny biker shorts at the show I attended, and you and Pedro looked pretty nuts, as well. How do you pick what you wear onstage?
Gorky: That’s probably the easiest question I’ve ever replied! Whatever in our suitcases that’s clean or can pass as clean, we’re wearing it!

“Whatever in our suitcases that’s clean or can pass as clean, we’re wearing it!”

Format: When you signed with Domino Records, did they try to mold your style fashion -wise and musically at all?
Gorky: Not at all! They’re like our parents: they love us just the way we are. And we give them this love back in every possible way.

Format: With the onslaught of hipster insanity, tons of guys have taken to the “just rolled out of bed” look which actually takes them hours to complete. Do you and Pedro take five minutes to get ready, or five hours?
Gorky: We don’t need this. Just give us five hours stuck in an airport or in a van and we’ll look even better than anyone who actually thinks that style is cool!

Format: Any favorite brands you go for when it comes to stage-wear?
Gorky: I believe this is something we all agree: as long as it’s free shit, we don’t give a shit.

Format: Just so our readers can get a better feel for the divine absurdity of your lyrics, will you translate your dirtiest line from “…With Lazers?”
Gorky: There’s a little bit of everything for everyone, but I guess my favorite lyric on the album is Tieta, that is a truly remarkable theme for indiscriminate sex. I mean, the song says that it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a guy’s ass, it all looks the same as long as you’re fucking it.

“The song says that it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a guy’s ass, it all looks the same as long as you’re fucking it.”

Format: Uh, word? Tell us the truth. How much do you three drink from start to finish while writing a new song?
Gorky: Our first song the three of us did together took a whole bottle of vodka. Nowadays, the process is a lot more difficult, so imagine.

Format: I recently read a UK article on that compared you to CSS, but said Bonde was just “dicking around with synths and vocoders, occasionally suggesting they could do something really good but frankly they can’t be arsed.” The review was meant to be negative, but when it comes to just dicking around and having fun, is that kind of what you’re going for?
Gorky: Yeah. We kinda had a same review here in Brazil saying we’re a brilliant idea for a band, but with awful songs. Hey, no one asked us if our main goal was just to do this kind of music! We’re not Brian Wilson, we’re not gonna do the best album of the world, so we don’t feel any pressure coming from anyone.

Format: What’s the best live show you’ve seen?
Gorky: In a while? The Death Set in Baltimore. I loved it so much, I think they’re gonna tour with us in September and October and we just did a remix for them, watch out for it!

Format: Are you as bonkers at a Death Set show as you are at your own?
Gorky: I was a bit more contained ‘cos we had to do the show right after, but I can’t wait for the tour to happen so I can start doing my deadly stage dives.

“After French kissing almost the entire crowd, we’ve made about 70 euros!”

Format: You’ve mentioned that your influences include The Venga Boys and 2Unlimited, which some people would definitely consider guilty pleasures! Who else influences you, I mean, other than Brian Wilson.
Gorky: Still on guilty pleasures? Bon Jovi, cheesy Brazilian music, Euro dance music. Just name it and we’re on it!

Format: What are you listening to now?
Gorky: I have my TV on now, a lame Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford movie dubbed in Portuguese. Awful! So bad that I came to the computer and started replying to this interview. A lot more interesting!

Format: Ah, What Lies Beneath I presume. I wonder if Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer’s assholes look the same in the bedroom. Finally, tell the people how to say your name correctly:
Gorky: Bon-gee dough ho-lay, I think that’s the closest I could get on a phonetic sense.

Format: Thank you, Gorky.
Gorky: No, thank you!


Bonde do Role

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  1. California is waiting for you. Hope you get your sorry asses here soon, lol.
    Where can I find a translation to English?
    If you are at all interested in learning how you made a fan..
    My kids and I have shared music through time. My oldest daughter, 36, turned me on to you. She lives in Southern California, me in the North part of Cali. I love music with passion, a.k.a. Deftones,Rage against the Machine, Tool, ect. You’re sampling is great and I love the dynamic duo in front of you, especially Marina. On one of the Sublime albums these guys are talking about the kinds of music they like. One of them says exactly how I feel listening to your music, “I even likes me some Mexican music, I can’t understand what they’re saying but I like the beat” lol…

  2. California IS waiting for you. Missed you guys at CSS. cmon CSS and Bonde do Role and YO majesty would have been one long orgasm the whole night:/ but I hear you guys are having a show in Sept IM FUCKING WAITNGGG

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