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Although you may not have heard of Billy Blanks, chances are you’ve heard of the martial art he created and mass marketed worldwide. Tae Bo, a hybrid of Tae Kwon Do and Boxing, was the work-out hype of the 90s, and, despite its falloff in popularity since, has sold over 75 million units in VHS and DVD. Blanks, however, is not only the creator of Tae Bo. He is a fitness guru, martial artist, actor, and even the inspiration for the Street Fighter character Dee Jay. Out of the all seeing public eye for a minute, Blanks is back with a new DVD, and he is once again ready for the spotlight.

“If you allow me to be your guide, I will get you in shape.”

Format: Remember when your name and Tae Bo was a cultural anecdote, either the channels aren’t coming in like they used to or Billy Blanks isn’t in the public eye as much, whatever the case may be, what is Billy Blanks up to these days?
Billy Blanks: I just created a new workout program called Boot Camp Elite, which incorporates Tae Bo and using rubber bands for resistance training. In life, I primarily focus on helping people. In terms of acting, I have had a few movie offers. Hopefully by the summer I will know what is going on with that.

Format: Did you see Little Miss Sunshine?
Billy Blanks: Yes.

Format: In Little Miss Sunshine, Greg Kinnear’s character is trying to get his nine-step Refuse to Lose motivational tapes off the ground. How do people market exercise videos?
Billy Blanks: I have always wanted to help people. When I was a kid, I always used to feed the homeless. When I became good at martial arts, I wanted to become a teacher to help people. I knew that I could help people do what they thought they couldn’t. One of the most important things is to start first from the heart. I got people to trust me and then through that it became a product. It started in a basement and evolved. Sure, celebrities are good to have on the tape, but what made it work, was people saw real people doing it and saw real results and essentially they invited me into their house to teach them.


Format: You built a brand that became known worldwide before it was the cool thing to do. Was there a day where you decided that you need to establish yourself in the martial arts exercise industry?
Billy Blanks: I wanted to create a cardio martial arts workout system for women. Even though I was a national martial arts champion, my cardio fitness was not where it needed to be. I spent years working on my cardio fitness. I started doing calisthenics to music. I showed my wife what I was doing and she was like, ‘You need to teach this to women.’ It started off in my studio with people lining up outside. I then got an offer to do my video. People saw I was speaking from my heart and not filling their heads with lies. I told people that they have the power to make a choice to get in shape. I didn’t say it was only going take two minutes. If you have the will there is a way. If you allow me to be your guide, I will get you in shape. My wife and I sought out someone to do the video and the rest is history. I am now branching out again and am in the midst of developing my own brand of music so they can hear positive messages and inspiration while working out.

Format: After you reached your public awareness peak, did you make a conscious effort to cut back on the promotions and focus on the loyal followers you had picked up?
Billy Blanks: There are seasons for everything. When I am not on TV, I am traveling around the country and introducing people to the live workout. When I am not on TV, I am creating. People need to be rejuvenated. Tae Bo is all about being rejuvenated. I am always creating new ways to get in shape, otherwise, you disappear. My involvement with real people is very important. When you start to involve everyday people in the workout, people see the real effects of the workout.

“Sure, celebrities are good to have on the tape, but what made it work, was people saw real people doing it and saw real results and essentially they invited me into their house to teach them.”

Format: You opened a studio in LA in the `80s and by the late `90s Tae Bo was a household name across the country. Things that buzz in LA don’t always translate so well to the rest of the country, what were some key factors that allowed you make that jump?
Billy Blanks: It was a hip thing to do – it’s martial arts, it’s dance, it’s calisthenics. People would show up at 5:00 a.m. with blankets waiting to get in. It started their day off right. It then grew to be more than hip, and it sort of became a lifestyle. I used to play pop music, hip-hop, country; whatever was hot at the time. Since I have evolved, I then saw an opportunity to start making my own music about Tae Bo, about life, about problems people have while also motivating them. I have a recording studio in my house and sometimes had guest DJs at my old studio. The new one opens in three months in Thousand Oaks, California. Back in the day, I would blend the music myself.

Format: Inquiring minds want to know, how many units of Tae Bo videos and DVDs have you moved?
Billy Blanks: The first company I worked with did over $1-billion selling 76 million units. They went out of business, though.

Format: A company that did $1-billion in revenue went out of business, how did that happen?
Billy Blanks: I parted ways with them. But, the new company I work with, over the last five years, has moved ten million units.

“The first company I worked with did over $1-billion selling 76 million units. They went out of business, though.”

Format: And do they do platinum plaques in your business?
Billy Blanks: Yeah, I have some platinum and gold videotapes. I got some awards for best infomercial and best star of infomercial. My Tae Bo video is the number two best selling video behind Titanic.

Format: Do you have a trophy room like they show on MTV Cribs?
Billy Blanks: Yeah, I have a trophy room.

Format: What do you wear when you work out?
Billy Blanks: My wife designs my clothes. Billy’s Wear. It’s like, the cool surfer shorts, you know, the baggy shorts with the muscle shirt – a lot of colorful stuff. The new workout I created is called Amped so I like it colorful. [For] the old Boot Camp one, I wore a lot of military clothes. In terms of shoes, I wear Puma to work out.

Format: What abut when you go out during the day and evening?
Billy Blanks: Sweat suits. Lots of Sean John, Rocawear and G-Unit. I wear Vans with sweats or shorts when I go to the grocery store.

Format: Do you collect anything?
Billy Blanks: I have some 13th century Italian furniture that I got in Italy when my wife was designing the house. I collect samurai warriors too. When you first walk in, that’s what you see. I also have them in my movie theater.


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  1. Deborah Randall says:

    Hello Billy, Michael, Shellie –
    I was a member at your 1st studio in Sherman Oaks, above Ben &
    Jerry’s, anyway, I saw you Billy on Channel 5 news a few weeks ago when you made an announment that you were opening a studio in Thousand Oaks, I live there! I would love to talk to you about your new location and find out more. I think you will remember me. I was a friend of Diane & Joel Steiger, Debbie Naughton, etc. I would love to be able to work your program and get back in shape, I felt the best when I came to your classes! I look forward to your new location in Thousand Oaks!

    FYI, in doing searches for Billy Blanks on the internet, every phone
    # listed does not connect you with your studio, or a “live” person +
    anyone to speak to!!

    Just thought you should look into that!! That’s why I am emailing
    God Bless, hope to hear back from you.
    Deborah Randall
    805-907-0663 cell

  2. hi” Billy my name is Sizwe live in south africa want to tell you that you are my insperation

    please pay us a visit in South Africa ….and if I can get a chance i would love to visit you and Gary Daniels

  3. hi!!! billy I would love to come and visit you and you family in the US one day and take some tae-bo learsons but the problem is that ,I live in south africa and dont have money to come over there, is there any way that I can get a sponser from the US

  4. Hi Billy can I have your contact numbers,mine are +27824997285 e-mail
    please send me any message to see if u received my details Sizwe Ntuli (South Africa-Barberton)

    Box 10029

  5. Dear Billy – My name is Katrina I use to work out in Sherman Oaks. I knew Sinbad pretty well and Sandy the stunt woman,We worked on Batman forever together. Anyway I live in Japan now and just purchased your boot Camp with the bands video. It is the Best! I paid 3x in Japan what I would in the States, but you know. you are worth it! Anyway, I wanted to let you know that everyone is so excited about you in Japan! The only negative response is that it is too difficult. I think you should come to Japan Tokyo where I live and put on a workshop. They will love you even more and I would love to be there or help in anyway I can to promote this. What do you think. Take care! God Bless!
    Katrina Fisher/Maclachlan

  6. Hi,

    It was great to read this article. I have a very similar story but the diffrence is that I moved from Austria to the U.S.A. to provide nutrition, exercise and lifestyle programs.

    Being in shape is hard work. It requires focused and consistancey. If this is mixed in with fun, what is better then working out and cooking with friends or strangers in one room?

    Say hi if you can.

    Warmest regards,


  7. Wow Billy you are the best, what can i do to be like you strong? i been workout for 15 years. but i haven’t chang much? can you help.?

  8. I really love and enjoy studying and teaching martial arts.And I can tell you that my true inspiration for years has been Billy Blanks.May God bless him for all that he does and has done for the countless people that he has met,to include those that has never met or know.He has changed my life and helped me immensely thereby helping me to helping me to help others to a higher degree and showing them a better way through the teaching of martial arts to them.Thank You Billy.

  9. casey harrell says:

    Hi billy,
    i am a christian also and i have alot in common with you but i dont really know where to start if you could be my mentor i would be very grateful. My number is 3159458887 thanks have a great day

  10. Hello Billy, long time no see. Chat with me some time, after all it been since 1984,since we work out around each other. Would love to get in better shape with you again, could you kept up? Old friend!

  11. Lisa Garcia says:

    My boyfriend is a Billy groupie and I joke and call him Billy junior. I have started your videos myself now and find them great but i don’t see results I guess its a matter of keeping it up and staying focus. At your age you are an inspiration honsetly. I can’t believe you left your wife for thet new chick. Your wife was way better looking. Be careful these women want your money!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Out!!!

  12. diana marcela velasquez says:

    hola billy, le doy gracias a DIOS, por haberle dado ese don de ayudar al gente con ejerciocios pues mi cuñada m i hijo y yo estamos practicandolos por internt, solo queria saber por donde debemos empezar para poder adelgazar y afirmar los musculos osea por que nivel empezamos y cuantas veces ala semana. un beso gracias DIOS LO BENDIGA

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