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Old man winter is here for the next few months until he withers down and dies again. What better way is there to keep his cold wrinkled hands off of you, and look fresh at the same time than a hoodie?

Chingy is rocking that fire; even Tre from the Pharcyde is giving them some burn. Renowned for their exclusive, reversible hoodies, Alex2Tone and Alex Vaz of True Love & False Idols let Format know what’s up with their previous, and future collections.


Format: True Love & False Idols is run by two people, the name being a compromise which consists of both of your original ideas. Why did each of you come up with your respective choices?
A2T: False Idols was my thing, I named it that for a few reasons, one, it sounds fly, two I feel like everyone is chasing after a bunch of fraudulent, hollow, bullshit. And, don’t forget mine is the only P.O.V that matters.

AV: True Love is all about finding that one true love in your life, which is what I’m doing now; that and partying non-stop with hot girls in white stretch limos.

Format: What do you think the name has evolved to mean?
A2T: Well, names tend to lose their meaning after a while. For example, if you make really dope shit and ended up calling it “BoogerWear,” eventually the name “BoogerWear” would become synonymous with a good product and people would forget how bad the name is. So, if we are doing our job, True Love & False Idols loses its literal meaning and represents what we do. And what we do is hustle as hard as possible to make the most flyest, eye-poppingest clothing possible.


Format: The company headquarters is located in Compton, California. What made you decide to locate there?
A2T: Well, “Straight Outta Vernon” just doesn’t sound cool.
AV: There is this Korean BBQ spot we go to in Compton that’s really good and all you can eat. We figured since we go there so much we may as well get an office by there so we can go there for lunch all the time.

Format: Some of your work gives the term “over-designed” a whole new meaning. Why have you chosen to go this route?
A2T: Being a designer and co-owner of the company, I have a personal stake in everything I do. So I do extra-extra to make sure that everything is extra-extra.

AV: Because all the other companies have already used all the good clip-art.


Format: The themes of the first season are described as glittery idolatry, weaponry, redemption, desire, and the love of good hard music. What are the themes of the second season?
A2T: The Ultimate Warrior. Birds or Prey. Good Times-Bad Times.

Format: According to your biography, “the brand courts upscale, discriminating consumers.” That seems a bit harsh. Why not court all consumers?
A2T: I never said that. That sounds elitist. The only thing elite is our price. The price comes from the quality of garment and crazy amount of time spent designing. For example, the hand drawn “Erotic City” pattern took me month to get right. And that’s just the art. The people that wear TLFI are ahead of the game and willing to drop some extra loot to stay that way.

AV: We’re down with any consumer that wants to wear a brand like TLFI that stands out from the pack.


Format: True Love & False Idols doesn’t have a conventional hip-hop look, but the line has been embraced within hip-hop fashion circles. Was that sought after, or accidental? Why do you think hip-hop icons are drawn towards your clothing?
A2T: It’s a mixture of styles. Originally, when I was a young buck running around L.A., hip-hop was all I knew. I also wrote graffiti for over a decade — google “2tones AWR” and “AWR Graffiti” if you want to check the credentials. But, also I got into to punk, metal and super heavy stoner rock. And then when I worked at Howe, I was pushed into to the premium side of the game, the gothic rock O.C. baroque style. Also Vaz is a Hard-Core Hardcore kid. So that shit leaks in too. It’s all of that. Hip Hop icons are drawn to our stuff because they are constantly looking for the newest and flyest. We also have a good rock and mainstream audience. They are identifying with the same stuff as the rap cats.

Format: Your pieces all have creative names. Some of the styles we’re featuring in this spread, for example, are titled, “Late Night Robbery,” “Erotic City,” and “Till the Wheels Fall Off.” Where do you come-up with these?
A2T: Late Night Robbery is a progression from the first generation of that piece, which was called “Late Night Hype” which is an old CMW song. Erotic City because I was listening to “Erotic City” when I designed that piece, and I think it’s got that nasty Prince funk type of feel to it, and “Till the Wheels Fall Off” because that design is just an all-out, go for broke type of piece.


Format: What’s the process like when designing your pieces?
A2T: Long and painful, but fun when we get it done.

AV: Telling Alex 2 to hurry his ass.

Format: How many pieces of each style do you produce? Is there a reason you’ve chosen this amount?
AV: I don’t think we’ve made anything over 300 in anything just to keep it hard to get. That way you know if you have one of our items there’s not a lot of people out there world that have it.

Format: With such diversity in clothing styles nowadays, it’s hard to know how particular sizes fit. You sell your pieces from XS-XXL. For people interested in purchasing your clothing over the Internet, or for those who might not have the chance to try it on, what can they expect from the fits?
AV: We now go up to XXXL for our customer that likes to wear it a little on the baggie side. Fit depends all on the consumer — if you tend to wear your gear on the baggie side I would say to size up in our stuff. Our line runs more on the fitted size so if you’re wearing a Large Hanes tee, you might want to get an XL in ours.


Format: Are there any plans to move beyond tops? Where would you like to take True Love & False Idols in the next few years?
AV: We have already started on developing some bottoms for men. Our goal is to take the line to a full scale men’s and women’s wear line including all accessories that go along with it. We’re taking it slow as to now over extend ourselves from season to season and also so Alex 2’s head doesn’t explode.


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  1. are they available in Melbourne (Australia)?..if there are any smaller fittings for the gals, i would love to grab myself one. your true-love-false-idols line defines what fashion is all about and its a scream.

    btw, i’ve seen your graffiti folio online..they’re awesome!


  2. wow those hoodies are wack. all over print pirates. gimme somethin new and stop biting wack shit like leroy jenkins.

  3. the designs in those hoodies are amazing, that’s all i have to say. good work!, im gonna go out and try and find where they sell them, prolly not ne around my way.

  4. Tamatha Burrus says:

    Your designs are Erotic & Sensual. I wish I had one of every color & design, THEN I would be STYLEN!!Keep up the awesome work!!

    FYI-checked out your graffiti, I see why your style is catching on, it’s awesome!!

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