Toques. Beanies. Skullies. It doesn’t really matter what you call them — as long as you have one on your head for the cold weather outside, your noggin will be just fine from those annoying head colds later on. Hats like these come in a variety of styles with different graphics, knits, forms, and functions. Some are made to give you just enough warmth for the mildly cold environments, while some are made with special materials to really keep your head insulated from harsher cold weather conditions.

So whether you’re getting ready to hit the snowy mountains, or stepping out when the nippy weather just coming around, always remember what mom said to you before you went out to play – “Don’t forget to put your hat on, or else you’ll catch a cold!” These familiar words may sound a bit haunting, but let’s face it, mom was right. And this time, you can show off to her your new sense of headpiece style while staying free from that awful cold she was talking about.

Reason – Black and Gold Reversible Knit Beanie

Black and Gold are just two colors that go together perfectly. They give off the appearance of luxury and class. Thank Reason clothing brand, who’ve come up with the perfect beanie to keep you warm headed while staying on the classy side. With this reversible knit beanie, Reason adds the touch of all-over print goodness on one side of the hat. Now switch it over to the other side, and you have the Reason logo in all of its classic script glory to show everyone you’re down with one of NYC’s finest independent brands.


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Planet Earth – Norwood Beanie

If you want to take warmth to the next level, then I suggest you add Planet Earth’s Norwood Beanie onto your collection. Also, if you dig the Fargo look, search no further. This hat’s got it all, especially when you’re out there trekking plentiful heaps of snow. With its thick faux fur lining, you can be assured that your head and ears will not be the only thing properly warmed up. And with flaps that extend all the way down to your chin, you’ll feel the whole side of your face protected from any unwanted cold drafts.


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Burton – Audex Dipstick Headphone Beanie

It’s no secret that Burton makes great products for snowboarders. But you don’t need to be a snowboarder to be rocking one of these high-tech beanies. If you’re really into your tunes, and enjoy the hearing the soundtrack of your life playing at all times, then this beanie’s for you. With Burton’s Audex Dipstick Headphone Beanie, you’re always plugged into your MP3 player. And with its easily accessible volume control, you don’t need to dig into your pockets to adjust the decibels when you really need to pay attention to something. Available in styles of Seaport, Red Ink, and Sand.


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