Sway Mondays Apr. 30


Street Shots by TONE. Sway Mondays, New York City: April 30th, 2008.

Photo by TONE

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  1. I have to kind of agree.. with ‘ruffin’ and noticed this in previous months as swell… it looks like it’s a model shoot party way…too clean looking and some of the outfits aren’t even that hype….is it the party or the photographer’s style?

  2. haters.a good pictures a good picture i dont understand why all people do is bitch over a fucking digital picture tube,seriously ,this isnt real life,theres no room to call people out and talk trash just cause you think its a poser party,its a picture,made to look cool.its whatever he felt he should do you know.im not pissed im just tryin to free some minds,cause all i hear is people talkin shit all day in forums and frankly its old.

  3. hahaha. i do find them us posers but surely they are having fun.
    stop being serious and have some respect for what their doin’.

    peace :)

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