Sneakerpimps Toronto


Street Shots by Alicia Coutts. Oct.20 – Sneakerpimps Toronto.

Alicia Coutts

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  1. hey McCool, they were released at a lot of places, I’m sure he probably picked them up at goodfoot you dumbass.

    But those decades are fire… and fuck footlocker, the sign ain’t bad dun.

  2. yeh baby good times. fuck footlocker homis. ive got more heat in my pocket ;). you wanna buy good shoes one word . payless. your all foools wastin yo money.

  3. how is that kid gonna rock a shirt 88 is back but the nigga dont know shit about 88. That is the problem with todays youth. all these people looking fucking more stupid then the next..except jr ewing and a few others!

  4. you guys are fucken haters…who cares whos wearing what…matter of fact if anything this should be bitches commenting on these pics not guys….bitches with dicks go to sleep!

  5. The dude in the first flick definately has his own thing goin on. I dont know what it is, I dono if I like it. But props. Its his own thing.

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