Sneaker Fiend Tees

Sneaker Fiend Tees

With the onslaught of hip-hop coming out of Chicago—most notably the posterboy of fashion do’s and don’ts, Kanye West—it’s no wonder that Darrick Carruth believes this is his time. Sneaker Fiend tees, which is slated to release in spring of 2007, is “that line” that everyone will know about very soon.

Format: What does Sneaker Fiend Tees represent?
Darrick Carruth: Sneaker Fiend Tees represents quality, dope products made for dope people; we represent the sneaker culture as well as the hip-hop culture.

Format: How many pairs of shoes do you have?
DC: I own around 97 pair of kicks.

Format: What are your favorite pair to rock and why?
DC: My favorite pair to rock right now are the De La Soul low and the one time only 360 97 Airmax — the white/blue/pink ones. I like the 97s because the way they look with jeans; they look crazy when you rock them with raw denim. The De La Souls’ because there just one of the best SB’s to come out last year.

Sneaker Fiend Tees

Format: Do you own more tees or kicks?
DC: I own more kicks because I’m always giving away my tees. I have a big family and they get me for my shirts.

Format: Why Sneaker tees? Are you limited to that or do you plan on doing hoodies, jeans, long sleeves; do you plan on opening a boutique?
DC: We have hoodies and jeans that we’re going to introduce in our second or third season. The boutique is up in the air. For now we have to find the right location because location is everything when you open a store.

“There a lot of companies out there, but over time the ones that respect the business and the consumer will be around and those that don’t will despair.”

Format: What is the sneaker culture like in the Windy City?
DC: The sneaker culture is big here and growing, we have about 10 real good stores here. There was a list of the 25 best stores in the states and we had two stores on that list. I think that says a lot about us. We’ve been wearing AF1’s for a long time way before the song came out. We are heavy in this sneaker game.

Format: What do people rock in Chitown?
DC: In the Chi AF1’s are king, but Nike SB’S are coming on strong. Nike Air Max is popular also. On the clothes side Girbaud runs it, but Crooks and Castles, 10 Deep and LRG are big.

Format: In your opinion, who is killing it in the Sneaker-Tees fashion industry?
DC: I think Lemar and Dauley are killing the game right now. Undr-Crown is doing their thing too.

Format: What is your opinion on the sneaker and fashion industry and what makes your company different from any other line?
DC: I think it’s a beautiful thing; it’s like the music industry where an independent company can do its thing and run a long with the big boys. There a lot of companies out there, but over time the ones that respect the business and the consumer will be around and those that don’t will despair. What makes us different is the fact that we care about what were doing and not just about the money. We’re trying to tie all aspects together fashion hip-hop and the visual which is graffiti.

“I’ll be watching Wild Style, and maybe something in there that sparks something, then bam it turns into a design.”

Format: Why should people buy this product?
DC: People should by our product because we’re of the culture not just trying to make money off the culture. We live it, talk it, walk with, it is us.

Format: Where do you get your inspiration when designing your line?
DC: I get inspiration from a lot of different things, people and graffiti. I’ll be watching Wild Style, and maybe something in there that sparks something, then bam it turns into a design. I go to a lot of art galleries and that helps me with my color schemes.

Sneaker Fiend Tees

Format: When and where are Sneaker Fiend Tees going to be released?
DC: We’re shooting for Spring 07. You will be able to get them at, leaders1354 and Self Conscience in Chicago, Kulture Shop in Philly and I’m in St. Louis as well.

Format: What separates the Chi from the NY’s, Cali’s or Boston sneaker culture?
DC: I don’t think there is any separation from any other city out there because we’re all taking part in the culture were all trading with each other. The Internet has made this one big community.

“There were only 36 shirts and there were about 300 people at the event and they were going crazy over the shirt.”

Format: Do you remember the first tee you sold? Describe that feeling. Was it then you know you had a marketable product?
DC: Yeah, the first tee I didn’t sell it I gave it away. There was an event at this store called leaders it was and Complex had an event. The shirt was a part of a grab bag, the responses were crazy. There were only 36 shirts and there were about 300 people at the event and they were going crazy over the shirt. It made me feel good because people didn’t know that shirt was mine. I got to see their response to the product.

Format: What has the process been like getting Sneaker Fiend Tees off the ground?
DC: It’s been a lot of fun and hard work getting Sneaker Fiend off the ground. There are a lot of little things you have to do like getting your name trademarked, getting your images copyrighted, building your website and getting your business in order. Just hard work, but it’s worth it.

Format: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?
DC: I have been doing this for so long there isn’t anything else. I’ve been in the shirt business for years in some shape or form.

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Sneaker Fiend Tees

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  2. Yo son – I see you doin it BIG!!
    The “Sneaker Fiend” is about to take over
    Kids watch and Learn…

    It’s a real good look for you…

  3. Big D, you know I love your whole line and I’m eagerly anticipating the launch – I know mad people willing to pay extra to cop some SF gear before the launch.

  4. Cool! But, why didn’t you get me to model for some of ur stuff? Just remember I was there when you did those first sketches and I told you it wasa HOOOOTTTTT!!!!! HA! HA! DON’T 4 GET TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT ERIN LYNELLE COLLECTION. SOME OF THE HOTTEST SUNGLASS DESIGNS AND ACCESSORIES.

  5. I have seen some of the clothes line, and I am a tee shirt kind of person.
    I know that they would look good with all of my jeans and sneaker’s. Keep up the good work and you will go far.

  6. Flaggee Flagg ! BigUp, Baby !!!

    How cag I get down with that ” BlackStarr ” sneaker fiend tee !?! The one in the last shot… That’s TIGHT !

    From Dusable ! to the HILL ! to the NET ! WorldWIDE !
    Repin’ thaCHI !

    BigUP !!!


  7. LiL Cuz from the STL says:

    Cuz, you know I got your back…Oh yeah for all that read I am one of the Fam that hits him up for free gear (that’z what Fam do) Cuz, kill’em with this and blow up large…your tees have always brought me props when I sport dem!!! Holla back…


  8. jackie Dabney says:

    Like I said before, we got to get some of those tees here in the STL. I got people wanting to talk to you about things that they can do for you, but this is your show and you run it like you suppose to even though I am in the family, you know your business better than I do. I can not explain how proud I am of you. Keep it going and remember the family here in the STL got your back all the way. Much Love and Success to you.


  9. Looks like every other sneaker tee design out there. Whats with the pharrell cartoon body? Couldn’t they have atleast design their own instead of jacking one off someone’s myspace.

  10. Corey (Pretty) says:

    Flake whats up big homie? I like everything im seeing lets keep it and do some more stuff together. Much Love and Respect, 58th.

  11. whats up big cuz like what i see but are you going to put more sneaker tees no the net get at me .

  12. Mann…yall swagg iz sickk. I’m kinda of a sneakaholic myself..i love rockkin new and unique stuff…Well,im a snkr head in the makking and proud…yall so sikk wit it…

    *That sneaker fiend shirt is feelin that…..


  13. Do yo thang baby boy. I am proud of you. But i am still waiting for my tee. lol. Sorry i missed you when you came to Brooklyn. Don’t forget me. Holla

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