Nike Sportswear x ?uestlove Dunk Collection

Once again Nike has teamed up with one of music’s most interesting and cutting edge artists to bring a fresh aesthetic perspective to one of their most popular and iconic sneakers. Set to be released on March 4th, these unusual looking Dunks have a lot going on beneath the surface when it comes to concept and inspiration. ?uestlove says that he was inspired by mid 80’s American television, taking cues from his favourite sitcoms as a young person and translating them into product design.

The concept gets deeper still. ?uestlove remembers a particular episode in particular where one the main characters tries to impress a girl with his style and begs his parents for a new shirt to wear. When he is denied, his sisters offer to make him a replica but which is in the end, far from perfect. The sneakers he designed reflect that experience. One is perfect and pristine, while its “twin” is imperfect and slightly off kilter.

This description from Hypebeast:
The red pair is fashioned to perfection using premium leather complete with an overlay that conceals the laces trimmed with white buttons. The yellow pair is the traditional Nike Dunk with a twist – the swoosh shape that is distinct to the Nike Blazer. The Nike Dunk x ?uestloves are then finished off with the emblem of its maker, the silhouette of ?uestlove himself. ?uestlove surprises us by suddenly adding a third Nike Dunk x ?uestlove to the mix, this version colored in all-black. When asked about the addition, ?uestlove responds, “Dunks to me are the tuxedo of Nikes. Obviously an awesome basketball sneaker, but they can also fit almost any situation. If rocked right, you could even wear them with a suit, and the all-black version is perfect for that.” The Nike Dunk x ?uestlove by Nike Sportswear will be available at Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer, New York, and select Nike Sportswear retailers nationwide March 5.

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