Nigel Cabourn Vintage Organce ‘Everest’ Parka

Nigel Cabourn Vintage Orange Everest Parka

For AW13, Nigel Cabourn has returned to the heroic age of Antarctic exploration that has influenced a great deal of his work, taking inspiration from the equipment the icons of this age outfitted themselves with before setting out on their polar adventures. The Everest Parka is a recreation of the coat worn by Sir Edmund Hillary on his Antarctic and Everest expeditions. The outer is made from Ventile, a British fabric originally developed for the RAF, which is woven from the finest long-staple cotton in an incredibly dense weave, making it extremely weatherproof yet breathable. The coat is stuffed by hand with the highest grade goose down, while the collar is backed with thick sheepskin and the hood is trimmed with genuine coyote fur. The parka is closed with a military-spec RiRi zip, covered with a storm flap, which fastens with real horn buttons. A truly uncompromising piece of outerwear, crafted in England. Available now at End.

Nigel Cabourn Vintage Orange Everest Parka 1

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