The right pair of denim can go a long way; it can even last you a lifetime if you pick the right quality pair. In other words, jeans are essential to any lifestyle because denim pants will never go out of style. And the better the cut and quality of the jeans you own, the better you’ll be in the long run. Take a look at some of these pairs by some of the best names in the denim circuit today. They’re a great addition to your already growing collection and will keep you styling and ready for any situation, whether it’s casual, formal, or active.

Diamond Supply Co. x Know1edge Selvedge Denim

To up the ante on their upcoming collection of tees and hoodies, Diamond Supply Co. linked up with Hong Kong label, Know1edge for a special denim release. Know1edge, another label who puts out quality items, is also known for their denim production. The Diamond x Know1edge jeans are a bit on the baggy side, so it’s perfect for skater types or just plain denim aficionados. It contains the Diamond logo stitch on the backside, and will also come in three different washes when released. Look to add these to your denim arsenal around July.


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PRPS New Fit Selvedge Black (P19B)

Truly obsessed denim heads will tell you right away that PRPS is one of the best denim brands out right now when it comes to quality and production. Look at the new PRPS New Fit Selvedge Black denim for example. It’s made from only the best cotton from African soil which are then shipped to Japan. And to give it that familiar sizing and feel, each jean is made in Japan on vintage Levis shuttle looms. The New Fit Selvedge Black contains fine quality detailed stitching and a dark black finish any true denim fan would salivate over.


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Levi’s Flu High Performance Stretch Jeans

Face it. Trying to do anything athletic with a pair of jeans is a hard thing to do, until now. The Levi’s Flu High Performance Stretch Jeans is perfect for situations when you don’t want to have to change to your sweats or athletic pants to play a pick-up game of soccer or basketball. Featuring side stitches, straight line seams, and stretch material, these jeans cater to every extensive movement you need to do with your lower body. So whether it be running, jumping, or lunging, these jeans are great for athletes also concerned with style, quality, and flexibility.


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  1. Oooo, PRPS normally has a thing with rubbing like, grease on them, and stapling them, and ripping them. Such a waste of such nice denim. Those selvedge blacks are incredible though..

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