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One of the most well known creators of lifestyle jewelry today, at least in the streetwear realm, Jules Kim’s brand, Bijules, has graced the pages of some of the top fashion, as well as urban, magazines in print today, but there is rarely any discussion with Jules personally. Format thought it was time to give Jules some shine of her own.

Format: Can you give our readers a brief intro as to who Jules Kim is and what Bijules is all about?
Jules Kim: Jules Kim is me, and Bijules is my brand. I have run Bijules for over four years now and we produce lifestyle jewelry. “Lifestyle jewelry” is more or less a cheap shot way of saying that what you wear inspires, or is driven, from yourself, and your life. I know it is true when I wear my stuff. You feel complete in a way that is like making a statement without saying anything.

Format: When did it dawn on you that crafting jewelry would be your trade?
Jules: Four years ago when I worked for other designers, I realized I couldn’t work for anyone else; I couldn’t hustle something for anyone but myself and what I believed in. So, I decided that jewelry was my medium because of its enduring value and beauty.

Format: Has jewelry always been something you’ve dreamed about doing?
Jules: Hell Naw. The dream has been to follow it.


Format: Can you give us an example of what a typical day in Jules Kim’s shoes is like?
Jules: Wake up, get dressed like it matters. Head to first meeting at 10, second one at 11:30 in midtown. Head to diamond district to pick up wedding bands for clients. Get polished. 1:45 meeting in Nolita. Lunch with assistant, highly inspirational. 4pm meeting for show in London. 6pm meeting at the Rivington for new art book project. 8:15pm appointment with business manager. 10pm party at stereo for kudu! After to stupid club that wont let us fucking cool people in, so then to East Village for more drinks. Then home. Sleep and repeat again until shit gets done.

Format: Pieces for your high-end lifestyle jewelry line, “Family Julz” are inspired by weaponry (i.e. samurai swords, AK-47’s, grenades). What made you want to do this theme for this particular line?
Jules: Bijules is lifestyle jewelry and when I designed this collection, at that moment our lives were filled with propaganda and war themes. It was not just a statement on our foreign policy, but also of our domestic state, and the people who inhabit it. We are constantly fighting within ourselves so I wanted to disarm that constant battle by designing pieces that “disarmed weaponry.” The second theme is of “empowering a woman” and how the beauty of a weapon can not harm but in fact embellish.


Format: In terms of design, are there other jewelry designers or designers in general, that have inspired you and your work?
Jules: Tom Binns. I don’t watch for people, I don’t imitate people. I originate my ideas and like to not be influenced by other designers. But I don’t hide or avoid seeing anyone else’s work. I believe that Gabriel and Osa are dope, because we are running parallel, and the collective conscience has to work together and not against one another.

Format: If you weren’t doing jewelry today, what do you think you’d be doing?
Jules: Never really think about “what if’s.” That translates to self doubt, which I just don’t have.


Format: What’s your absolute favorite Bijules piece that you’ve created?
Jules: Every one. Each one makes me happy. But I am physically attached to my gold bar ring. It’s my signature staple and I find myself doing stupid shit like weight lifting with it on. dork, I know. Even dorkier when I discovered it on and decided to leave it.

Format: What do you feel is the most difficult aspect in running Bijules?
Jules: Uh, money, give me some. And don’t ask for it back. And don’t ask for any creative control.

Format: If you were to craft the ultimate Bijules accessory what would it be?
Jules: Oh lord. The ultimate would be something I haven’t made or conceived yet. But runner up would be when I don’t have to pay for it a.k.a. someone else funds it and pays me.


Format: What can we expect from Bijules in the near future?
Jules: Bigger and Better. Black and White. Silver and Gold. Serpents and Teeth. Glass and Plastic. You get the picture.

Format: Can you give us a quick rundown on where our readers can get their hands on some Bijules accessories?
Jules: Hit up and In NYC go to valley for Bijules and you can get a bikini wax at the same time.

Format: Any shout-outs or special announcements you’d like to give?
Jules: I have an entire family of shout-outs. Love to my love, Alessandro a.k.a.;;;;;,, and many others. We are developing amazing projects right now so stay tuned.

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  1. So So glad that we know eachother Miss Kim. Too happy that you are such a mentor and inspiration – and not greedy about what you’ve learned during this 4 year ongoing hustle. The fact that you can spend time helping get other women like ourselves to where we want to be, whilst doing your thing – stellar. This woman is dope.

    Big up to your mama!!!
    Tasha & Mel

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