Atmos . Art Force One

Atmos . Art Force One

Street Shots by Photo by TONE. Atmos x Art Force One, NYC. June 21, 2007.

Photographer. The NEW POP, join the fam.

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  1. Kami Killer says:

    Which one of these clowns is ART FORCE ONE the shoe designer. Harlem kats look like posers always jumpin on shit mad late.

  2. 80’s….lovin it.
    I write and I have an eye for photography but I want to at least be an official promoter for format!! But how??

  3. i feel therye style i think its mad deep

    but some of them are extra’d out too much

    ya digg?

    i personally would dress like this like i already do because its in style

    but not everyday because i switch my numerous times

  4. fresh kid aka bryan cole says:

    i dont know what that guy is talking about that they there not cool he must not know anything about personal fashion i think its cool the way the colors come out as they match keep it up i digg it

  5. This 80s style is maad dope, y’all sayin that it ain’t are just jealous, cos you ain’t that cool, n confident

    ya digg?

    I’m feelin it. Tis Fre$h.

  6. J-Juice Janin says:

    i’m feelin the shades of blue and purple, with splashs of flourescent (sp?) colors jus to keep it energetic. Ole Skool is new skool, but i doubt our urban fashion community is readii to take it to this level, but wen they do, thingz’ll b fresh and original

  7. LAME…!!! The whole 80’s scheme is as old-shit as Connie Chong. That shit is not innovative, it’s the same bullshit car companies try to pull off… “Let’s bring back the old cars, give it pipette drop of “flashy”, and make a quick buck.” It works, but it’s played out… Besides, the 80’s was one of the worst eras ever! The only cool thing I remember from the 80’s was Eddie Murphy and Nintendo, other than that, that shit was lame, who remembers Glam Rock, Jerri Curls, Mullets, and Rambo… [all crap!] You can’t pull off this bullshit and think it’s arsty or underground exclusive… Be cause it’s not, millions of teens do this shit, and Pharrell and Nigo help in the promotion of this shit. This is the same played shit you guys throw at us and call “FRESH.” If you need a good historic throwback/inspiration think about the 50’s, or the 40’s, and the 20-30’s for the extremely daring.

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