Western Edition “Victorian Series” Decks

From San Fransisco-based skate company Western Edition comes their new “Victorian Series” of Decks. The line consists of five give pro decks and each features a different graphic of a Victorian townhouse in San Fransisco’s most famous neighbourhood. Didn’t the family from Mrs. Doubtfire live in one of these?

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

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  1. You’re thinking of Full House. Anyone know what’s up with Western Edition’s website, I wanna get me the set!

  2. Erik R. Adler says:

    In Mrs. Doubtfire the family lives in a Victorian style house…also in San Fran. Interestingly enough, with a quick google search, we’ve found that in the movie they make the mistake of actually using the address of the house, 2640 Steiner Street, San Francisco, California, USA! haha

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