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Jason, Freddy, candy, ghosts and goblins…with Halloween soon upon us, I thought about the best part of Halloween (besides the massive consumption of treats). Now that I’m 20-something, that type of Halloween celebration very rarely occurs. But for the folks that absolutely live for this dark, gruesome, morbid day, here’s a sneak peek on parties and events going on worldwide.

I decided to start in what is known as the center of the universe, New York City. Inspired by one of the craziest movies that I have ever witnessed, “Eyes Wide Shut”, New York is hosting their own Eyes Wide Shut Mansion Party at “the Boulevard”. Sure to be an interesting event music spun by DJ Enuff and DJ E.M. – two of the city’s premiere DJ’s. With costume contests and themed rooms throughout the mansion, you’re sure to get a diverse experience before you leave. For twenty-dollars this isn’t a bad start. Costumes mandatory!!

Crossing the border to the Toronto, there are a plethora of events to decide from. One that caught my eye was Tonic’s event Friday October 27th, simply called “Hell”. There is no cover until 11 p.m. with a costume. Not sure that I myself would want to experience Hell, but anyone who attends can say they’ve been to Hell and back (lame joke, I know).

Traveling to the West Coast, for a steeper price of $30, check out the 2nd Annual Haunted Mansion Halloween Ball in L.A. Events include a performance by old school hip-hop group Digital Underground, a $5,000 prize for best costume, and themed rooms with 11 DJ’s spinning a variety of music — so you’re guaranteed to get whatever you were looking for.

Swinging back to the East Coast, and keeping in the theme of annual events, is Illadelph’s 23rd Street Armory 2nd Annual Vampires and Vixens Party (costume required). This party like the others will have a costume contest, and Philadelphia 76ers basketball ticket giveaways. With an open bar and food being served the entire night, it is sure to be a spook-filled event.

However, if partying is not your thing you can always just chill at home with a group of friends and pop in Amityville Horror, Scream (the first one), any one of the Final Destination joints or you can peep Saw III which is in theatres now and that should be enough to satisfy your Halloween spirit.

Check your bags!!!

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